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Where is the best place in the UK to take a break before your baby arrives?

Babymoons are similar to honeymoons; when couples go on a romantic holiday before the birth of a new baby. This gives the parents some much-needed quality time away together before taking on all of the responsibilities that parenthood offers. 

If you’d rather not break the bank and deal with international travel, staying in the UK for a short break is the ideal option for parents-to-be. We’ve looked at a range of factors from the number of romantic activities to the number of romantic restaurants to the cost of a three and four-star hotel room per night to create the ultimate babymoon index to help you choose the perfect getaway.

The top babymoon destinations in the UK

  1. Lake District - 7.75/10 Babymoon Score
  2. Inverness - 5.94/10 Babymoon Score
  3. Peak District - 5.9/10 Babymoon Score

The Lake District takes the top spot for the best place for couples to enjoy a getaway before their little bundle of joy arrives. Get yourself out in the stunning countryside and soak up the views the Cumbrian countryside has to offer. With over 360 romantic hotels per 10,000 people to choose from, there will be a beautiful place to stay no matter your taste.

If you’re looking to completely drop off the grid for your babymoon, Inverness could be the perfect place for your mini break. Taking the second spot on our list, Inverness has over 81 romantic hotels per 10,000 people to choose from that cost on average £104 and £123 per night for a 3-star or 4-star hotel respectively.

Taking the third spot on our list is the Peak District, one of the UK's most visited national parks. Spanning around 555 square miles, you can easily spend a week getting lost in the Peak District for your babymoon. With 4-star hotel rooms costing on average £100 per night, it is the cheapest place for a 4-star hotel stay on our list.

Check out the complete Babymoon Index below!

The region that has the most or is the cheapest for…


Thirty-eight of the best places to visit in the UK were taken from Cosmopolitan and The Daily Mail articles to create our list of regions individuals would be likely to visit for a babymoon. Using TripAdvisor and the ‘romantic’ and ‘good for couples’ filters, we then collected data for the following factors for each region.

  • Romantic hotels 
  • Things to do for couples
  • Romantic restaurants 

For each of these factors, we worked out how many there were per 10,000 people to normalise the data. 

To find the average cost per night in a 3 star and 4-star hotel in each area, we used frequently asked questions block for ‘How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in X?’. The best babymoon location score is calculated by normalising the data and giving each region a score out of ten for each factor before taking an average of all these factors and ranking them.