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Personalised engagement cards, flowers and gifts

An engagement is such a wonderfully happy time for any couple and marks the start of a whole new chapter in their lives. Celebrate this most precious of moments with one of our beautiful engagement Flowercards. Choose your design, add your message of love and congratulations and we'll get busy in the studio creating a truly memorable gift.

If you’ve recently heard the good news that a couple you know is getting engaged, a Flowercard is an excellent way to send them your very best wishes.

The happy couple is announcing to the world that they intend to spend their future together.

It's a time to celebrate their love and commitment and show them you’re as excited as they are about beginning this new chapter in their lives.

Celebrate an Engagement with Flowercard

A Flowercard from our engagement flowers collection is a unique take on a traditional greetings’ card, and it’s sure to stand out from the rest as your chosen engagement gift.

Usually, when you send an engagement card in the post, it blends in with the other cards the happy couple has received. But that’s not the case with a Flowercard.

That’s because a Flowercard is decorated with a miniature arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers. You’re not just sending an engagement card; you’re sending a stunning centrepiece that will light up the betrothed couple’s day and their home.

The way it works is that you choose a personalised engagement card from our collection. When you’ve chosen your favourite design and added it to your basket, you can compose your very own personal message. Type out what you want to say in the box provided and choose your font style.

Now comes the fun part.

With Flowercard's personalised engagement cards, you can send more than just engagement flowers.

You can also add extra gifts to your order – and we’ve got a fantastic selection available.

Choose sentimental or emotive items, like a glass heart, a rainbow friendship stone, or a beautiful butterfly ornament to adorn your engagement flowers.

Or, perhaps the newly engaged couple would prefer a scented candle, chocolates or truffles, or a bright foil balloon. You can make your gift as romantic or light hearted as you like.

Fresh Engagement Flowers in a Personalised Card Delivered Tomorrow

With Flowercard, you can specify your preferred delivery method and date.

You may want to specify a dispatch date for a future date, or you might want your engagement flowers to arrive as soon as possible. If this is the case, you can specify Next Day Delivery.

We offer Express Royal Mail First Class Delivery and Royal Mail Special Delivery. If you place your order before 3.30 p.m. and opt for Royal Mail Special Delivery, your personalised engagement card will arrive the next working day.

What Should You Write in an Engagement Card?

What you write in your engagement card depends on your relationship with or to the couple and their personality. Whatever the case, you will want to start by congratulating the betrothed couple on their engagement. You might want to add a personal joke or an amusing comment, depending on how well you know them. Acknowledge the step they have taken in getting engaged and wish them love, luck, and happiness for their future.

Remember that when two people decide to tie the knot, they are likely to be feeling excited, full of plans, and very much in love. Make sure your message is full of happy thoughts and positive wishes.

If you would like some help deciding what to write, visit our Engagement Card Messages Guide for some suggestions.

A Flowercard is a wonderful way to say happy engagement to friends, family, or colleagues. Flowercard takes the hassle out of sending flowers and cards by taking care of everything for you. There’s no need to spend time considering the best engagement flowers to send because we've already done that for you.

Select your favourite design and leave it all to us.