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Wedding Anniversary Flowers & Personalised Cards

Personalised anniversary cards, fresh flowers & gifts

My recipients were very happy with their silver wedding flowers, thank you.

Wedding Anniversary Flowers & Personalised Cards

Help them celebrate another wonderful year together with the prettiest blooms and a special message from you! The perfect gift for Mum and Dad, Granny and Grandpa, or a beloved friend or sibling. You tell us what to say and we'll do the rest! Choose from our pretty Silver, Gold, Ruby and Diamond Anniversary cards or choose a generic design for those in between years.

Anniversary flowers are the classic way to mark a special date.

Whether you are sending wedding anniversary flowers to your spouse or a loved couple, you can be sure that your gift will spark happy memories for them and Flowercard lets you combine sending wedding anniversary flowers with a beautifully personalised card – a miniature bouquet inside a card with a heartfelt message from you.

Say Happy Anniversary to Someone Special with Flowercard

Nothing says it like flowers, and nothing says it as uniquely as a Flowercard!

The combination of thoughtfully chosen fresh flowers inside a card makes an attractive and welcome anniversary gift.

Simply choose the flowers that reflect your loved one’s taste and create your own personalised message. It’s a beautiful gesture that will not fail to touch that special person’s heart on their wedding anniversary.

Fresh Anniversary Flowers in a Personalised Card Delivered Tomorrow

We understand that you want your wedding anniversary flowers and personalised cards to arrive in good time to mark the occasion.

To make this happen, you can choose from two delivery options. Royal Mail Special Delivery is perfect for arrival the next working day or choose Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery with arrival two to three days from despatch.

Make sure you order by 4pm to ensure despatch by the end of that day.

Which Flowers for Which Milestone Anniversary?

You can tailor your wedding anniversary flowers according to the number of years being celebrated. Check out our handy guide to finding the appropriate anniversary flowers for your loved one.

1st Anniversary

Pansy – Pansies come in all colours and make a cheerful and optimistic gift.

2nd Anniversary

Cosmos flowers – These daisy-like flowers are available in a variety of colours and look good on their own or as part of a bouquet.

3rd Anniversary

Fuchsia – The fuchsia is a striking flower that symbolises trust and love, making it perfect for a third anniversary.

4th Anniversary

Geranium – These flowers originate in the heat of South Africa and represent the warmth of a happy marriage.

5th Anniversary

Daisy – The daisy is a much-loved flower that symbolises innocence and playfulness.

6th Anniversary

Calla Lily – This striking lily is an elegant choice for a sixth anniversary.

7th Anniversary

Jack in the Pulpit – The Jack in the Pulpit flower is actually a stalk inside a hooded structure, making it an original anniversary gift.

8th Anniversary

Clematis – Clematis vines produce stunning flowers in many shades from deep purple to cream, so you will be sure to find a colour to suit your loved one’s taste.

9th Anniversary

Poppy – Scarlet poppies bring joy and colour to any floral arrangement, with one of their many meanings being success. This makes them perfect for anniversary flowers.

10th Anniversary

Daffodil – This sunny flower represents new beginnings, so they’re the perfect way to look forward to the next decade of marriage.

For landmark anniversaries going forward, you may choose a flower that reflects the year’s associated colour. So why not select red roses or tulips for a fortieth or ruby anniversary, or gold-coloured flowers like marigolds or yellow roses for a fiftieth or golden wedding anniversary?

The only limit is your imagination!

What Should You Write in an Anniversary Card?

How can you warmly wish your spouse or another loved one happiness in an anniversary card without sounding insincere or overly sentimental? Here are a few ideas to make the words flow with ease and genuine affection.

Wishing Your Spouse a Happy Anniversary

When it comes to wishing your spouse a happy anniversary, they will appreciate you acknowledging the happy memories you have made so far and wishing for good times ahead. You can keep it simple by saying, “Recalling all our happy memories today and looking forward to making so many more with you by my side.”

Words For a Landmark Anniversary

When a couple reaches their silver (25 years), ruby (40 years) or golden (50) wedding anniversary, you may want to pull out all the stops to mark the occasion! A heartfelt message like, “Congratulations on your long and successful marriage.

You are an inspiration to us all,” is a wonderful way to celebrate the longevity of their union.

Light-hearted Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Perhaps you and your spouse thrive on making each other laugh. In that case, there is no limit to the humorous messages you can write in your personalised anniversary cards. Something like, “How have we put up with each other for so long?!” will capture your playful relationship while acknowledging that aside from the jokes, your love story is destined to last forever.

Whichever words you choose, if they’re written with love and, even better, accompanied by wedding anniversary flowers, you won’t go far wrong.

See our guide to anniversary card messages for more inspiration.