Diamond Anniversary

Diamond Anniversary

Diamond Anniversary

Celebrate 60 years of love! Spoil a loved one or say congratulations on a Diamond Anniversary with our gorgeous arrangement of freshly-cut blooms. Make them feel special with a beautiful spray of delicate carnations, soft pink lisianthus, and a touch of elegant variegated pittosporum. Each Diamond Anniversary gift is printed with "Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary”, as well as your own thoughtful personal message.

  • The frilliest pink spray carnations
  • Delicate blooms of soft pink lisianthus
  • Accented with pretty flurries of white gypsophila
  • Lush leaves of variegated pittosporum
  • A strong, structured backdrop of chico leaf

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  • Chocolates
  • Mini Prosecco
  • Butterfly
  • Salted Caramel Truffles
  • 8 Fruit Chocolates
  • Rainbow Tree

Diamond Anniversary Flowers and Card

Bubbling over the edge of our champagne print card, this striking statement of spray carnations and frothy lisianthus is hand picked and arranged to order. Spoil them on this once in a lifetime day celebrating 60 years of marriage. "Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary" will be printed on the card as well as your personal message.

What is the colour and flower for a 60th anniversary?

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for a 60th anniversary? It is common to gift a loved one with pretty blooms as you celebrate an anniversary, or to gift someone close to you who is celebrating a 60th anniversary. Sending a beautiful flower gift lets someone know how much you love them. It also says “Congrats on this amazing milestone”.

There is no particular flower for a 60th anniversary however so you don't have to stress over finding an appropriate flower. The traditional colour for anniversaries is usually pink or white to symbolise pure love. Ensure your bouquet has these colours and include a special message and you have the perfect gift!

Flowercard has a hand-picked floral gift crafted specifically for a 60th Diamond Anniversary which includes soft coloured blooms of pink and white flowers, as well as striking green leaves. Our gift is sure to make someone feel warm and loved on a special day.

What flowers symbolise anniversary?

What blooms should you choose for an anniversary? Well, Carnations are popular anniversary flowers. They not only bring beauty and colour to a floral arrangement, but each colour has a special meaning. Pink and white carnations are used for anniversaries as they are symbolic of love and gratitude. It is a thoughtful flower to gift to a romantic partner.

The lovely lisianthus is also a popular flower for anniversary gifts. Lisianthus is symbolic of friendships and pink lisianthus is commonly associated with love and respect. It is a wonderful choice to gift a family member or someone in your life who is celebrating an anniversary.

What do I write on a Diamond Anniversary card?

A Diamond Anniversary is an important occasion. It celebrates 60 years of love, friendship, and a close bond with a romantic partner. “Happy Anniversary” might not be enough to express how you feel. Thankfully, with Flowercard, you can show them gratitude with a special personalised message thanking them for the unconditional love and joy they have brought into your life.

If you are sending someone a card to congratulate them, including a kind, personalised message will bring them warmth and make their day even more special.

Not sure what to write? Try these suggestions for a partner:

Thank you for 60 beautiful years of love. You are more than just my partner, you are my best friend. I love you. I can’t believe it has been 60 years! It still feels like we met yesterday. Every day has been a blessing with you in my life. I couldn’t choose a more perfect partner to spend 60 years with. Thank you for the unconditional love and warmth you have given me.

Want to congratulate a loved one? Here are some suggestions to send them love:

Congrats on 60 years of love and bliss! Wishing you many more years of love, happiness, and joy! Wow, 60 years! This is an amazing milestone. Happy Anniversary! I love you both! Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful and inspirational couple. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. Lots of love.

Send a Diamond Anniversary gift to celebrate 60 years of love or browse our full range of wedding anniversary flowers for more gifts! Want to see more? Browse our full range of wedding anniversary flowers or view our range of L Shape Flowercards for more inspiration.