Congratulations Flowers & Personalised Cards

Personalised congratulations cards, flowers & gifts

A personalised Flowercard, filled with the brightest of blooms, is the perfect way to send someone lots of love and best wishes when congratulations are in order. Whether they've just welcomed a tiny new bundle into the world or aced their exams, just let us know what you'd like to say and we'll get busy creating the perfect gift.

When someone special has accomplished something, congratulations flowers are a great way to celebrate. Fragrant and colourful, flowers tell your loved one that you are happy for them.

Whether it’s a new home, new baby or job promotion, Flowercard has the perfect gift to help you say “I’m so happy for you!” When they read your personalised message, they’ll know that you are celebrating with them.

Say Congratulations with Flowercard

When you want to say congratulations in an extra special way, a Flowercard is just the ticket. Each Flowercard includes a small floral bouquet tucked inside an attractive card. Our expert floral designers arrange the flowers by hand until the charming bouquet is complete. Every card has a cheery, artfully created design that will bring a smile.

Only the best will do when you want to say congratulations, so we search the globe for the highest-quality flowers. You’ll appreciate our varied selection, from tea roses and carnations to aromatic rosemary and eucalyptus. Most of our cards are made from 100% recycled plastic, so you can feel good about your purchase.

We have a Flowercard for every reason to celebrate and for every reason to say congratulations. Welcome a new baby with “She’s Here!” or “He’s Here!” For a new job, pat them the back for their success with “Bonny Bunting.” The flowers are enclosed in a card that will remind your loved one of your thoughtfulness for days to come. You can even add a personalised message to the card in your choice of lettering.

Fresh Congratulations Flowers in a Personalised Card Delivered Tomorrow

You want your loved one to know right away that you are celebrating with them. Imagine the smiles when they see your gift during the buzz of excitement. When you order before 3:30 p.m. and choose Royal Mail Special Delivery, your Flowercard will be at your friend’s door the next working day.

What Should You Write in a Congratulations Card?

Flowercard lets you send your own message for that personal touch. There are as many ways to say congratulations as there are reasons to celebrate. Our personalised congratulations cards let you send a heartfelt message with your gift.

Job Promotion

We all know that there’s no such thing as overnight success. If you’re celebrating a job promotion, you’ll want to acknowledge the hard work that went into that success. Let the recipient know how proud you are. Phrases such as “well done” and “you deserve this success” will show your appreciation for their accomplishment.

Passing a Driving Test

There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you pass that driver’s test. If your friend or loved one is celebrating this milestone, chances are they are young and just starting out in life. They’ll appreciate it if you mention what an important step forward this is in their life.

New Home

Moving house is exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Your friend’s emotions are probably running high, ranging from excitement for their new beginning to nostalgia for the place they’ve left behind. In your message, words like “welcome,” “warm” and “cosy” will help them feel at home and let you know you’re happy for them.

New Baby

A new baby is definitely a reason to celebrate. The new parents are likely feeling joy mixed with a bit of anxiety. A sweet message with gentle words like “sweet,” “beautiful” and “precious” will let them know that you share their celebration.

Passed Exams

A young person always appreciates encouragement, especially when they’ve passed their exams. Don’t be afraid to simply say “Yes! You did it!” And you can’t say “I’m so proud of you” too many times.

Personalised congratulations cards send a message from the heart. What better way is there to celebrate?