New Baby Flowers & Personalised Cards

Personalised new baby cards, fresh flowers and gifts

Celebrate the arrival of a beautiful new baby boy or baby girl with one of our gorgeous gifts. Featuring the sweetest designs and bright, cheerful arrangements, a Flowercard or Trug is the perfect fuss-free gift for a new mum or dad. No arranging or vases needed!

The birth of a baby is an incredibly special time. A new life has begun, and it’s a time of happiness, great excitement, and anticipation.

A new mum is also likely to be feeling relief at the long-awaited arrival of her baby after her pregnancy.

What not celebrate the baby’s birth with the happy parents by sending them new baby flowers and a personalised new baby card from Flowercard?

Welcome the Arrival of a New Baby Boy or Girl with Flowercard

Flowers are a great way to bring peace, calm and tranquillity to an environment. When new parents are getting used to their new arrival, they’re likely to be feeling tired, anda little stressed. Broken sleep, piles of washing, endless nappy changes, and lack of routinecan really add up!

On top of that, chances are, they’ll be inundated with all manner of baby gifts and visitors wanting a glimpse of their newborn.

Why not do something different instead and send a beautiful bouquet of new baby flowers in the post?

Flowers are great because you don’t have to consider the baby’s gender and what gifts the family might have already received. Also, this is a gift that isn’t time-sensitive; you can send new baby flowers any time after the baby is born.

A Flowercard is a unique idea whereby we combine a personalised new baby card with a gorgeous spray of fresh flowers. Our skilled florists use the freshest blooms to create a miniature bouquet that sits inside the card. Your recipient then displays the card in their home and benefits from the sight and sound of a floral bouquet without the need to transfer their flowers to a vase.

Flowercards look stunning for up to two weeks, depending on the types of flowers in the card, the time of year, and how your recipient cares for them.

If you so wish, you can add to your new baby flower arrangement with an item from our gorgeous array of gifts. You’ll be able to create a truly unique gift that will bring a smile to the faces of the new parents. Every time they see your new baby flowers among the happy chaos of a new baby, they’ll be reminded of you and how you’re sending your very best wishes.

Fresh New Baby Flowers in a Personalised Card Delivered Tomorrow

When you send flowers in the post, you want to be sure that they will arrive at their destination as soon as possible so your recipient can enjoy them at their best. Our Flowercards are individually made to order using freshly sourced flowers, so your gift will arrive looking like the blooms have just been picked.

You can choose Express Royal Mail First Class, which means your new baby flowers will arrive a maximum of two to three days after the dispatch date. Or, if you choose Next Day Delivery and place your order by 3 p.m., your gift will be delivered the very next working day.

What Should You Write in a New Baby Card?

With our Flowercards, you add your own message to your new baby card. Place your order and then type what you want to say in the box provided, and we’ll print your words on your card. You will want to say congratulations, welcome the newest addition to the world, and send love and good wishes for the baby’s future. Use words like ‘joy’, ‘health’, ‘happiness’ and ‘precious’.

You can visit our New Baby Card Messages Guide for some more ideas.

If a friend, colleague, family member or someone special has recently given birth, order a new baby card, flowers, or Flowercard from us today.