Thinking of You Flowers & Personalised Cards

Personalised thinking of you cards, flowers & gifts

Let friends and family know they are in your thoughts with these beautiful Flowercards, each filled with a perfect arrangement of the freshest flowers. We deliver right across the UK and offer next day delivery when you order online before 4pm. The perfect way to send a big floral hug to someone special.

Let Someone Special Know You’re Thinking About Them with Flowercard

A Flowercard is a beautiful combination of a card with a heartfelt message and a miniature bouquet of fresh flowers.

All of our Thinking of You Cards are handcrafted, and our skilled florists fill them with a selection of the freshest flowers right here in the Hampshire countryside. We then carefully package your arrangement in a gift box and send it to your recipient’s home or work address.

Not only will your special someone get a lovely warm glow when they receive your personalised card, but they will also have an exquisite ornament to display in their home or workplace. They will be reminded of you and your kind thoughts every time they see your gift.

To order a personalised Thinking of You card and fresh flowers, choose one that conveys your message in the best or most appropriate way. You can add your own personalised message to your card to give your gift that extra special touch. Simply enter your text and choose your font when you place your order, and we’ll do the rest.

Fresh Thinking of You Flowers in a Personalised Card Delivered Tomorrow

When it comes to Thinking of You gifts, we know that timing can be critical.

Here at Flowercard, we do all we can to ensure your recipient receives their gift the very next day when your order is placed before 4 p.m. and you choose Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Imagine how reassured they will feel when they receive a gesture from you that says you are always there for them, whatever life may bring.

Something Different to Show You Care

Typically, when you want to send flowers as a Thinking of You gift, you’re forced to choose a bouquet and a separate card.

You might struggle to select the right blooms to reflect the occasion or not know what to say to convey how you feel.

A Flowercard is the perfect solution to this very common problem.

What Should You Write in a Thinking of You Card?

Unlike with some occasions, it’s almost entirely up to you what you write in a Thinking of You card, and there is no right or wrong message in most cases.

Spend a few moments reflecting on how you would feel if you were in your recipient’s shoes. Ask yourself, what would make you feel better? You don’t have to write a lot, and sometimes, less is more.

If you’re still not sure what to write, take a look at our Thinking of You Messages roundup for some ideas and inspiration.

To get started, select a Flowercard with the right message on the front of the card, just as you would a card for any occasion. Then, add your own words as appropriate.

Send someone special a gift that makes them feel warm inside and let them know they mean the world to you.

When should I send “Thinking of you” flowers?

Is someone going through a difficult time? Or maybe you want to send flowers to someone “just because”. Regardless of the reason or occasion, “Thinking of you” flowers are the best way to remind someone how much you care.

It can be hard to show your love and affection for someone, especially if you are separated by distance. Flowers are the perfect way to let your BFF know you appreciate them or to let an old coworker know how much you miss seeing them at work. You may even have a long-distance relationship with a significant other and want to send them love from afar. Thinking of your gifts will fill their hearts with joy.

Don’t forget, you’ll also get to include a special message with a Flowercard floral gift, which is a warm hug to that someone special. Knowing you were thinking of them enough to send them a personalised gift will make their day!

Which are good flowers to say “I’m thinking of you”?

There is no better way to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I miss you” than with bright flowers. Colourful flowers often symbolise positivity and joy. Bright beautiful blooms are a sure way to send love their way.

Here are some popular flower choices to brighten up someone’s day:


Roses are a sweet way to let someone know you are thinking of them. A red rose can be sent to a partner who is miles away or orange rose for a friend to remind them of the bond you share. Pink roses are also universally popular for birthdays. You can send a rose to their office or to their home to show them you are thinking of them if they are having a difficult day.


A Carnation flower gift is unforgettable. It is symbolic of love and admiration. Send someone you miss or you are thinking about a red or white carnation to remind them that you care. Choose an arrangement of carnations to give a gift a romantic touch.


Orchids give a “Thinking of you” gift an elegant touch. These exotic flowers are perfect for those with exquisite taste or for emphasising a strong bond. If you are missing someone from afar, an orchid is a perfect way to say “I love you”.

What can you write on “Thinking of You” cards?

You can keep it simple and let someone know you love them. Sometimes writing “thinking of you” is not enough to express how you feel. You may want to dig deeper and speak from the heart. Try to avoid using quotes or song lyrics. Make your card unique to the person you are gifting or to a particular occasion. Try thinking of a special memory you share with the person or letting them know why you were thinking of them.

There are occasions when a card may need to be empathetic such as when someone is going through a difficult time. On these occasions try to use kind words and avoid saying things like “look on the bright side”. If a person experienced a loss, keep it kind and simple by saying “So sorry for your loss”.

Here is some thinking of you suggestions for your Flowercard gift:

Thinking of you during this difficult time. You are loved and cared for. I hope to see you soon. I was just thinking of that special day we met. I can’t wait to see you. Lots of love. I am counting the days until I see you again. These beautiful flowers reminded me of you. I love you. You crossed my mind today and I wanted to let you know how much I love you. Can’t wait to see you!

Let someone know you are thinking of them by sending them a heartfelt message and a miniature bouquet of fresh flowers today!

Get Well Soon Flowers & Flowercards

Brighten up their day when they are feeling poorly by sending them beautiful hand-crafted flowers. Our freshly-cut floral arrangements are sent with your kind words to show them how much you care.

Order before 4pm for next-day delivery!

Copy for the bottom of the page:

Should I send a Get Well Soon gift to a hospital?

Is someone you care about feeling under the weather? A Get Well Soon flower arrangement is a beautiful way to wish them a speedy recovery. If you cannot be with them in person during this time, you can send flowers to their home or to a hospital to show them how much you care.

Even a few days in a hospital isn’t easy. The person is probably miserable, lonely, or sad during this time. A thoughtful gift will certainly be appreciated and it will make their hospital stay a little brighter.

What flower is the flower for recovery?

All of our beautiful blooms make uplifting recovery gifts. It’s important to keep someone thinking positively and encourage their healing. A flower gift shows someone that you’re thinking of them and that you’re rooting for their recovery. Flowers will help to put a smile on their faces while they heal and lift their spirits.

When choosing flowers for recovery, we make sure to choose blooms that are suitable for someone’s bedside as they recover. Here are some of the best get well soon flowers for recovery:

Sweet Roses

A rose is a sweet gift to send to a loved one who isn’t feeling well. Roses also have a sweet scent that is not too overpowering for someone who isn’t feeling well. They are often associated with love and care which makes them a perfect gesture for a Get Well Soon gift.

Heavenly Carnations

Carnations add a touch of heaven and hope to any floral arrangement. Beautiful white carnations are often used in Get Well Soon flower gifts to symbolise positivity and hope.

Lovely Lisianthus

The gorgeous Lisianthus stands out in any floral bouquets. It is used to symbolise love and admiration but it is also used to cheer someone up during a difficult period in their life.

Caring Chrysanthemums

Blooms of Chrysanthemums are often associated with recovery as they are colourful and have a soft scent. They are also small and delicate blooms which makes their floral arrangements the perfect gift to keep at someone’s bedside while they recover.

What colour flower is best for healing?

Bright colours are the best choice when you are trying to cheer someone up. Choose from striking yellow and purple Chrysanthemums, colourful Lisianthus or bright pink and yellow roses. These bright blooms tend to symbolise good health and are used to lift someone’s spirits as they recover.

If you know someone who is injured or going through a serious illness, it’s probably best to keep it simple. Choose soft coloured such as white and pink flowers and roses which are symbolic of love, hope, and peace.

What to write on a Get Well Soon Flowercard

When you choose a Flowercard gift, you’ll get to write a personalised Get Well Soon message to someone who is recovering. You may want to keep it plain and simple if you don’t know too much about the person or their illness. A simple “I hope you feel better soon” will do in these cases.

If you’re gifting a loved one with Get Well Soon flowers, make sure to send them empathy and a special message to let them know how much you care. Your message should be encouraging but not too pushy. Remember your loved one is probably feeling miserable and just wants a hug.

Here are some quick suggestions on what to write on a Get Well Soon card:

I’m sorry you are feeling poorly. I hope you recover soon. Sending you lots of love. I heard you weren’t feeling too well. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you’re on your feet again soon! I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now but I know you have the strength to get through this. Sending lots of hugs your way.

Order a freshly-cut Get Well Soon Flowercard gift to brighten up someone’s day. Your gift can be delivered to their home or to their hospital room to let them know you’re thinking of them. Our floral gifts are pre-arranged to perfection and ready to be left at their bedside to help them to heal.