May 31, 2023

Flower of the month: rose

by Mrs Gayle Healy

It’s official! The Flowercard community loves roses. We’ve reviewed the rose products that you’re searching for the most, and put them together in one place, along with their floral meanings.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to choose a yellow, red, orange, white, pink, or even a lilac rose for someone - then you’ve come to the right place.

Yellow roses - friendship and hope

You’ve probably guessed this one - yellow roses are recognised everywhere as representing friendship, so are the perfect way to tell someone you care for them (without the awkward romance factor!)

Slightly coral in tone, but happy, energetic and gorgeous nonetheless, these stunning yellow-toned roses in Birthday Blossom say: “we’re forever friends’.

Birthday Blossom Flowercard

  • Loving mellow yellow? The dominant yellow roses of our Lily Rose Flowercard really pop, complemented by classic pink roses and touches of lemon and lilac.

Red roses - love and passion

Understood worldwide to represent eternal love and passion in equal parts, red roses are the foolproof way to get your message across. Birthday Love - with its cerise Dutch roses, delicate white santini (mini pom poms), and blush gypsophila, is a gorgeous way to show a partner that you love them.

Other red roses for family and friends include:

  • Pink Party - featuring ruby red roses, the classic colour for celebrating a milestone 40th birthday.
  • Birthday Rose - cerise centrepiece roses set the scene for someone who’s bright and beautiful.

100 Birthday Hugs - celebrate a milestone 100th birthday with stunning red roses and pops of white.

Birthday Love Flowercard

Orange roses - charm and positivity

Nothing says ‘you light up my world’ like this Peach Satin Flowercard. Bursting with good vibes, the oversized Downtown roses are shown off to great effect against peach carnations and cute hypericum berries. Why not accessorise with a cute daisy plant stake to make the gift a long lasting sign that you care?

Peach Satin Flowercard

  • Share happiness with orange roses: From Bee to You: pretty peach coloured roses peep through the window of this bee-themed card - a lovely way to send a birthday message, perhaps from friends or work colleagues.

White and lilac roses - innocence and life

Pure white roses are associated with all things youthful and innocent, while lilac roses are associated with eternity, positivity and a long life. Put these meanings together and you have our She’s Here! Flowercard. Combining classic cream and breathtaking lilac roses, this truly meaningful flowercard also features ornithogalum (commonly known as the garden ‘Star of Bethlehem’) adding texture and interest.

She's Here! Flowercard

Pink roses - happiness, caring, love

Pink roses can show love, but are subtler in meaning than red roses. As a result, they make the perfect gift for a close family member or a friend. We love the adorable spray roses within our Purr-fect Birthday Flowercard, which are set against a generous bouquet of soft pastel blooms, including lemon hypericum berries, lemon statice and the lightest of lilac hypericum.

Purr-fect Birthday Flowercard

Feeling flushed? Check out our cute pink rose pinks:

  • Pretty Party Petals - our flower-fairy inspired design, ideal for a 30th birthday
  • Sweetest Treat - the palest pink spray roses placed in the cutest keepsake teacup arrangement.

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Photo: Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash.