Feb 09, 2023

Best Valentine’s Gifts For Seniors

by Mr Stephen Gorman

Think that Valentine’s is just for the youngsters? It might surprise you to know that while Millennials are known for splashing the cash around 14th February, Baby Boomers are also happy to spend an average £25.47 on their partner or love interest.

Stunning roses

So, how do you select the perfect Valentine's gift for the special person in your life?

Flowers & Cards Are Top Valentine’s Favourites

In a recent YouGov survey, 27% of women would prefer a card, while the same percentage put flowers as their top pick. Perhaps surprisingly, both these choices beat jewellery (17%) and a voucher for a spa or massage (15%). So, why not put both of these together into a - you’ve guessed it - a Flowercard! By combining the beauty of fresh flowers with the thoughtful nature of a handpicked card, you’re bound to please the lady - or man, in your life.

We understand that simplicity, quality and sustainability are of key importance to you - and that’s where Flowercard can help.

The Best Valentine’s Gift For Dating In Golden Years

Whether cohabitating, dating or simply exploring new friendships, more of us over 60s are embarking on new relationships than was seen in our parents’ generation. While dating in older age can certainly be daunting, it can be so exciting too. Remember that thrill of receiving a Valentine’s card in your teenage years? There’s no better opportunity to recapture lost romance than with one of our exquisitely packaged flower cards, which not only look stunning, but also allow you to personalise the card with a beautifully printed message on the front. What’s stopping you from sending her a secret flowercard with a special message?

Best pick for pure romance

For bright, bold, show-stopping romance, look no further than our Valentine’s Surprise.

This flowercard features a large red rose, surrounded by gorgeous red spray roses and mixed with some delicate baby’s breath (gypsophila) and tree fern. Pure, classic romance - just like you see in the movies. Rest assured that whatever design you choose, it has been handcrafted by our trained florists and carefully put together in our studio using the freshest, sustainably sourced blooms. Our promise is always to create products with maximum effort but minimal impact on the environment.

Best pick for long-lasting love

We understand that quality is important to you. Sweet Spot is the longest-lasting of all our flowercards, providing brilliant value for money. It offers a gorgeous combination of delicate lisianthus combined with the light, breathy gypsophila and spray carnations; a thoughtful and classic mix, perfect for couples who have withstood years together.

The complementary pink card depicts pastel roses and provides the perfect space for a simple and timeless message. Available for despatch until 13th February, this flowercard will last nearly two weeks.

Best pick for (tea) lovers

For something a little bit different, we’d recommend our Tea For Two arrangement.

This quirky flowercard features a central scarlet rose to demonstrate your love and passion for your life partner, surrounded by a bright selection of long-lasting spray carnations and a pop of hypericum berries. We love the matching teapot card with its sweet little bow and space for your personal message.

Check out our full range of beautiful Valentine’s flower cards including flower baskets and box cards.