Nov 15, 2021

70th Birthday Messages: What To Write in a 70th Birthday Card

by Verena Hallam

Anyone’s 70th birthday is a huge milestone. Different communities around the world recognise it as the platinum jubilee for a good reason. At this point, the person celebrating it is probably already a grandparent or great grandparent. Such an auspicious occasion calls for special 70th birthday messages.

A bit of creativity is required here to craft the most appropriate message to the one who’s celebrating this occasion. However, you don’t need to worry if you have no idea about the kind of messages that are worth jotting down for your loved one.

The 70th birthday is special for several reasons. Apart from being a milestone, it also heralds the start of the Golden Years. At this stage, 70-year olds have retired from active work and now spend most of their time relaxing and doing recreational activities.

In some jurisdictions, this age makes one eligible for retirement benefits too. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that 70-year olds are far from being over the hill. According to Mark Twain, those who reach 70 can live free of the shackles that tied them down for a large chunk of their lives too. They live freely, thus deserving of the best presents, including birthday gifts.

This article provides a few ideas to get you started.

What to write in a 70th birthday card for your wife?

Your wife is turning 70, and you’re trying to look for the most appropriate message to write on that special birthday card. Don’t worry about it. As you’re about to see, there are tons of messages that you could write to make your wife feel special on this memorable day.

You have already spent several years out of the 70 with her. Most likely, the two of you have experienced enough high and low points together. Such a person deserves the most creative and heartfelt message you can conjure. Below are a few superb examples to get your creative juices flowing.

  • To a very special and wonderful human being and woman who is celebrating her 70th birthday. Over the years, you have been more than a friend to me. You have brought much joy and light into my life, and for that, I will always be grateful.

  • This is to my dear friend and confidant who is turning 70 years today. I’m grateful to you for filling every moment of our lives with love and laughter.

  • To my lifelong partner who is celebrating her 70th birthday. I’m blessed that you fill our days with your spirit and warmth. I count myself blessed while sharing this incredible journey with you. I will always love you.

  • You’re 70 years young today! I pray that this day would be full of your wishes granted, blessings received, cake eaten, and drinks sipped in honour of your beautiful life. I will always be so thankful for having you in my life.

  • Once in a lifetime, a special friend comes and enters your life. You’re that special friend who has touched my heart and that of countless others in life. Every day you remind me how blessed I am. I would like to wish my best friend a happy 70th birthday.

What to write in a 70th birthday card for your husband?

Your husband, who is just turning 70 years old, deserves a special birthday card as he marks this wonderful day. Fortunately, you can brighten his day with a card full of a well-written birthday message to remind him of just how special he is to you.

As you’re about to see, writing for a man who is turning 70 requires a mix of understanding and authenticity. Having been patient with him all those years, you have to write a message that touches his heart and mind while filling with nothing but warmth.

  • Marrying and walking life with you all these years has been so much fun! I have loved, and continue to love, every day and moment that we are together as husband and wife. I wish you the best as you celebrate your 70th birthday today.

  • Over the years, I have seen you do so many things to make life full of more smiles, love, and laughter. I appreciate you for every wonderful memory that we have created together, especially your role in it all. Have a beautiful birthday full of beautiful memories, my love!

  • Our kids count themselves lucky and blessed to have you as their father. You have constantly set the perfect example of what it is to be a man, father, and husband. My love, you are a true inspiration to the kids and me, and we are here to wish you a blessed 70th birthday.

  • I count myself blessed and fortunate to have you in my life as a husband and partner. You have offered me unconditional support in every area and phase of my life. I want to wish you a wonderful and memorable 70th birthday!

  • I live for your kiss, smile, and touch. The way you hug me takes away all fears and bad thoughts from my life. I’m forever indebted to you for standing by my side all these years that we have lived together as husband and wife. May your 70th birthday be the best!

What to write in a 70th birthday card for your mum?

Mums are remarkable beings. They nurture and nourish their children and families through life’s ups and downs and never leave their motherliness behind for a second. For these and many other reasons, they deserve the best birthday presents, activities, and cards.

Nothing speaks to your mother better than that message written on her birthday card as she turns 70. You can learn how to write the emotive card that celebrates your mum and reminds her of the love that you have for her. Take the first step by reading a few examples of such messages below.

  • Mum, you have been there for us from the beginning. My friends get jealous every time I tell them that you’re my best friend. They don’t understand that you’ve been with me to the pits and palaces. Allow me to wish you the best 70th birthday. I hope we shall celebrate more birthdays with you!

  • I pray that all your wishes and desires come true as you celebrate your 70th birthday, mum. It’s an honour for me to call you mother. It’s my earnest prayer that you will be strengthened and refreshed today for the sake of all those who hold you dear.

  • I would like to wish a happy and blessed 70th birthday to my greatest hero in life. I have built a special vault in my heart where I keep you, mum. You’re a rare gift that the heavens decided to share with me, and I’m forever grateful to God for you.

  • Happy and joyous 70th birthday, Mum. Words fail me today, and I find myself incapable of writing what could truly capture how I feel about you. I not only love and admire you but also feel a ton of gratitude for the exceptional mother that you have been to us all.

  • You are the loveliest, warmest, and prettiest 70-year old mother that I know in the world. As you turn 70 years today, it gives me pleasure to say that you’ve been an outstanding mother and person in my life. I’m the luckiest and most favoured child in the world to have you as my mother.

What to write in a 70th birthday card for your dad?

With your dad turning 70 years old, you need to think of different ways of making him feel loved. A birthday card with the right message is just the thing to warm his heart and reassure him of your limitless love for all the sacrifices he’s made for the family.

What should you write on that card? Simply use it as a platform for expressing what you feel in your heart towards this amazing man. Use words to describe your sincere feelings and thoughts. To get you started, kindly check these few examples.

  • Dad, I would like to wish you a happy 70th birthday! You have been the best father to us and an inspiration in your job too. I feel incredibly proud and excited in celebrating this remarkable milestone with you. It’s my hope that it ushers in tremendous and incredible gifts to you!

  • You deserve all that’s beautiful and precious in life, Dad. It gives me great pleasure to wish you all the best as you mark 70 years of your incredible life. I wish you nothing but complete happiness and love on this superb achievement and milestone.

  • Words can’t express the love I feel for you, Dad. I’ve admired your life and watched you closely as you navigated your way through life’s challenges. I’m grateful that you raised me, loved me, and taught me. Thank you for preparing me for life. I wish you the best 70th birthday!

  • Your life has been a stunning journey that I’ve been honoured to watch and follow closely through the years. I join you in celebrating this 70th birthday and gather with the rest of the family in showing you how much we love, honour, and cherish you. May you enjoy this day fully, Dad.

  • Dad, as you light the 70th candle of your most wonderful life, I join the rest of the family and all those dear to you to wish you a happy and blessed birthday. In our eyes, you’re the greatest dad in the whole wide world, and we are honoured to call you ours!

What to write in a 70th birthday card for your brother or sister?

Your brother or sister is the person who will stay true to you for the rest of your life. When everyone else walks away, you can always count on the love and closeness that your brother or sister brings to the table. Nothing else compares to the love that siblings have for each other.

Therefore, take this opportunity to wish your sibling all the best on their 70th birthday. Your sibling will only reach this milestone once, and you should make the occasion as memorable as possible through a birthday card with a message that’s straight from your heart. Check these examples for more ideas.

  • This is your big day, which we have all looked forward to for a long time. You’re finally turning 70 years, and I hope that you feel nothing but love, friendship, and warmth on this grand day. You have been the best brother/sister that I could ever wish for. All the best!

  • Don’t be afraid to look back on the 70 years that you have spent on this earth. Yours has been a life well-lived, and we are here as proof of that. It’s my hope and prayer that you will look back fondly on the joy and laughter that you have brought to countless people everywhere.

  • I would like to wish a truly beautiful and magnificent soul a happy 70th birthday on God’s green earth. I pray that you will feel loved and appreciated by every person who is around you today. I’m happy to count you as not only a brother or sister but also a marvellous friend.

  • It gives me countless joy to appreciate the laughter, silliness, joy, and fun that you brought into our lives. Brother/sister, may life give you back as much laughter and joy as you gave us all over the years. Have a blessed 70th birthday. You deserve all the good that’s coming your way today!

  • I’m here to thank you for stepping up and being my role model. You are my hero too, and I pray that people who love and care for you surround you today as you celebrate your 70th birthday. No matter how old you grow, I will not stop looking up to you!

What to write in a 70th birthday card for your friend?

Friends add so much colour and spice to life. They make the darkest days bearable and the brightest moments more memorable. That’s why their special events and celebrations deserve all the headline-grabbing attention they can get.

A friend who’s celebrating their 70th birthday should receive a specially worded birthday card from you. Here, you’re free to be funny, quirky, or reflective as possible with your words. Below are a few examples that should guide you on what to say to this special friend.

  • So far, you’re proving that you’re an amazing 70-year old. I believe that the next ten years of your life will be full of growth as you transition into a more impressive friend. I wish you nothing but the best on this grandest day of your life, friend. You have been a true blessing in my life!

  • It’s my belief that 70 is a tremendous number for an equally impressive and wonderful person like you. That’s why I hope and pray that you will only keep getting better and improving as you grow older. May your 70th birthday be the best ever in your life!

  • At 70 years, you are not officially an old person, my friend. Therefore, I pray that the next 30 years of your life would usher you into the grand old age of 100, which will herald you into the “bracket of the old.” I’ll continue counting on your friendship and hope that you can count on mine too.

  • For the last 70 years, the world has been blessed with the presence of a truly incredible person, who I’m honoured to call a friend. As you celebrate your 70th birthday, I’d like to wish you a life that’s full of more joy and laughter. May the world reward you for the greatness that you’ve offered us all.

  • Happy 70th birthday, my friend. You deserve every single praise and accolade that you receive. I’ve seen you wearing many hats over the years and serving more people. In that time, I’ve never seen you asking for anything back in return. I wish you the best birthday and great years ahead.

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