Nov 16, 2021

7 Reasons Why Flowers Are the Perfect Gift for Almost Any Occasion

by Verena Hallam

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky.

A great present has to suit the recipient and cater to their tastes. It also has to be right for the occasion. It’s no wonder that purchasing gifts sometimes creates a lot of pressure for the sender.

If you’re in this position, have you thought about gifting fresh flowers? Or one better; a Flowercard (a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers in a card)?

Here are some of the reasons why sending flowers as a gift is almost always thoughtful and appropriate – and why they’ll be appreciated by the person who receives them.

1. Flowers have a deep and special meaning

The tradition of giving flowers as a gift dates back to the Middle Ages, possibly even further into history. Flowers have always been considered to have a deep spiritual significance, making them an empathetic gift for a wide variety of occasions. In Victorian England, different meanings were given to each type of flower. As such, you can convey a message using the language of flowers, even when you can’t be there to celebrate with the recipient.

For example, red roses have long been seen as a symbol of love. Hydrangeas represent gratitude, and sunflowers symbolise pure joy. There is truly a flower for every occasion and everything you want to say!

2. Flowers bring colour and personality to every home

Few things bring a room to life as much as fresh flowers. They enable us to experience a touch of nature inside the home, and their beautiful colours will light up any décor scheme.

Flowers make a home feel alive and complete the appearance of a living space, making it look more cared for and sophisticated.

This is why it’s a good idea to send flowers as a gift to anyone moving into a new home, as the colour and scent of the flowers make a new environment feel more welcoming. Moving can be stressful, so the recipient will be glad of the comforting effect of the flowers. They will also be grateful that you’re thinking of them and wishing them well as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

3. Flowers symbolise new beginnings

Flowers and plants have long been associated with new beginnings, fresh starts and rebirths. We watch them unfolding, often wondering what their colours will be, how large they will grow and what particular characteristics they will have when they’re fully open.

We go through the same process on our birthday every year, wondering what the year has in store and what this new age will bring. Flowers make the perfect birthday gift, as they encourage us to think positively about our own development and personal growth the same way we think about the flowers.

Flowers are also an extremely thoughtful gesture when you can’t be there to celebrate a friend’s birthday with them – they demonstrate that you’re thinking about the recipient and you haven’t forgotten their special day.

4. Flowers speak the language of love

So many special occasions in our lives have romantic love at their core, and flowers have always been associated with notions of love and romance. This is why choosing appropriate flowers can make all the difference when celebrating events such as an engagement or anniversary. Flowers make ideal gifts for these occasions, whether you’re commemorating your own love or that of a couple close to your heart. Flowers sent from a husband to his wife, from parents to a grown-up child who has just got engaged or from children to parents celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary will always be appreciated. You can also celebrate your friends’ romantic happiness with flowers on these occasions.

And when it comes to weddings, flowers are among the most important elements of the day. Flowers can have a major impact on the theme and colour scheme of a wedding. They make everything look sleek and stylish and provide that all-important finishing touch to the bride’s ensemble as she walks down the aisle. A wedding gift of fresh flowers is one of the most thoughtful ways to express your congratulations.

5. Flowers enhance a joyful new chapter

Few things in life can bring as much joy as a new baby, and the adorable little one is always bound to be showered with love and as many gifts as possible! But at this time, it’s important to celebrate the achievement and hopes of the new mum, too. This is why you should consider sending flowers as a gift to a friend or relative who has just had a baby. Flowers will create an even greater sense of joy and optimism in the home, reflecting the feelings everyone has about the new arrival. Sending flowers also shows the new mum that she’s still unbelievably important, even though everyone is focused on the baby for now!

Sometimes, knowing you’re being thought of and cared about is one of the most important things in life. At a time like this, which is often filled with a strong mixture of emotions, flowers will reassure a new mum that she’s loved and supported.

6. Flowers say the things we struggle with

Not everyone is good at expressing themselves verbally. Some things can be hard to say, and some occasions make it particularly difficult to find the right words. At these times, flowers provide an ideal way of expressing the sentiments you find it too hard to verbalise.

For example, if a friend is ill and you can’t be there in person to support them, sending flowers is a great way to say “Get well soon.” It demonstrates that you care and that you want them to know you’re wishing them a speedy recovery, even if the situation is hard and you can’t tell them that in words. The colourful appearance of the flowers will help to cheer them up and make them feel more hopeful.

Equally, flowers can express sympathy to someone going through a difficult time such as a bereavement. A thoughtful gesture from you can make all the difference at a time like this, and flowers will say everything you want to say without you having to struggle for the right phrases.

Even a simple “thank you” can sometimes be extremely hard to say, especially if there is a lot of emotion behind the reasons for it. Flowers can say it better than words, letting the person know that you really appreciate what they’ve done for you.

7. Flowers let people know how much you care

We all love to feel remembered and cared for! Flowers are the ideal way to show someone you care, whether it’s a friend, a family member or a partner. Everyone in your life will appreciate your thoughtful gesture if you send them flowers as a gift.

From expressing your congratulations for something someone important to you has achieved to celebrating a milestone birthday, there are few occasions that flowers are not appropriate for.

However, if there is nothing in particular you want to celebrate, that doesn’t mean you can’t send flowers. Flowers are perfect just for letting someone know you’re thinking of them on any day of the year.

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