Dec 01, 2016

Gift plants – a great alternative to flowers

For the green fingered garden lover nothing compares to the happiness a fresh plant can bring. We all have loved friends and family whose idea of a blissful day is spent outside, knee deep in soil and cuttings as they while away the hours potting and pottering.

Those not lucky enough to have a lush garden get the added bonus of bringing the outdoors in, with house plants really excelling in popularity over recent years as they breathe life into the home and add a certain je ne sais quoi to any décor style. Despite specializing primarily in flowers, here at Flowercard HQ we unashamedly go weak at the knees for all things botanical – be it the ever vogue-ish cacti (really having its moment in interior circles), handsome spider plants demanding attention, through to the frothy, fragrant dreams of spray roses and carnations. We love them all. As a very wise woman once said, even weeds are just flowers growing in the wrong place…

So it was with great consideration and thought that we developed our Gift Plant range, inspired to deliver personalised indoor plants by post to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just because moments for a surprising, luxury gift and greeting in one. The best part, as much as we adore bouquets no matter how well you care for them they have a natural best before and expiration. Our Gift Plants make the perfect alternative as with a little care and tenderness they can last for years, creating a permanent reminder of your lovely gift and the love and affection with which it was sent.

So what did we include in our Gift Plant range? We know taste in indoor and outdoor potted plants is as diverse as one’s preference to roses and carnations or lilies and orchids, so we expanded our collection to accommodate a wonderfully wide spectrum. Trendsetters will marvel at the hardy, structured succulent collection, housed in a gorgeous personalised metal tin perfect for storing the garden essentials and seeds long after the celebrations. All our pre-potted succulents come in mixed trays of 5 or 9, offering sumptuous varieties such as sempervivum alpines, otherwise known as Houseleeks, to keep displays interesting and varied.

To get the most from your alpines, we recommend you replant in an outdoor rockery or alpine trough where they’ll flourish, adding to an existing set up or inspiring the lucky recipient to get creative, making this the ideal ‘starter kit.’

The amazingly unique air plants are also hitting the big time at the moment, seemingly growing from nowhere. Our meandering tillandsia multi floral green and tillandsia medusa variations are 15 cm tall and come delivered with a small bag of light gravel, ready to decorate the bottom of your display with a light sprinkling for the perfect on-trend display. We love that we’ve packaged these in our signature Kilner jars, combining classic with contemporary for a real talking point in the home. For the best results, we’d suggest spraying weekly with a fine mist of water.

And of course, we couldn't neglect timeless flowering houseplants either, and don't think you can beat our blooming fresh floral designs. We chose our beautiful rose plants and miniature pot orchids for their universal appeal, with their vibrant flowers creating a wonderful surprise as the recipient opens our signature Flowercard wrap, but also offering a classy, statement plant in its own right; classics to stand the test of time. With all the charm of their full size counterparts, each miniature variety is perfectly proportioned and available in a selection of lush eye-catching hues that we select at random depending on the time of year and availability, from the richest red roses to sunshine yellows, pure white orchids to delicate pinks. All are perfect for displaying on the birthday or anniversary occasion table, their flowers adding decoration and colour, the keepsake tin offering a cute twist on the traditional celebratory bouquet.

Our Gift Plants can then be removed from their personalised pistachio green caddy (the perfect keepsake) and enjoyed long after the special occasion, you may just need to add a little more soil to make them comfortably fit into their home when replanting. Our mini rose plants in particular are ideal for adding to containers, creating pretty detail.

To keep both roses and orchids looking their best, try to avoid displaying them in direct sunlight or near a heat source like your wood burner or a radiator. They both thrive in moist soil, so be sure to regularly water your rose, and aim to mist the orchid plant’s leaves rather than the actual flowers, adding a drop of rainwater to its roots weekly. Be careful not to overwater though.*

Once content in the right environment, all our Gift Plants will thrive for years to come.

Of course, as with our entire collection, each order is personalised to perfection with your own kind words and your potted plant delivered direct to your favourite person’s door on your designated day of choice.

That’s just what we do.

Flowercard x

* Please note, Flowercard’s Gift Plant tins are not waterproof. Care must be taken when watering, and we recommend you place your gift on a protective surface to avoid damage.