Nov 08, 2016

Flower Power – The benefits of giving and receiving flowers

Receiving flowers makes us feel special; there is something rather wonderful about unexpectedly receiving fresh flowers through the post isn't there?

Having spoken to a few of our nearest and dearest and our floral experts, the common consensus seems to be a fresh bouquets mean more than just a card or letter. It shows consideration and great thoughtfulness in arranging to order flowers through the post, as well as selecting the most concise, heartfelt words to personalise the special occasion perfectly.

The lucky recipient feels valued and cared for, and because our flowers are designed to go on show in a vase or as a table centrepiece the moment they're delivered, your loved one is able to bask in your sign of affection or appreciation for days - even weeks - to come.

Not only that, but it’s the type of gift that will often be commented on by others. “How stunning! Who sent you those beautiful flowers?” will ring out from friends and family alike, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion like moving into a new home or to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

In short, the act itself bonds both sender and receiver, as you think of one another from afar and are connected by the story of the flowers and the reason for sending them.

However, a huge amount of joy and satisfaction can also be bestowed upon the gift giver.

It shows confidence, generosity of spirit, empathy and even great taste in choosing the right kind of flowers to send to that particular person. Flowers are freshly picked pieces of nature, their colour, scent and style can be chosen perfectly to match the tastes of the birthday girl or anniversary couple, a fun challenge that says as much about your thoughtfulness as it does your love for them.

It certainly feels very powerful and positive to send a gift that won’t just raise a smile from afar, but lift a mood and even make somebody’s day. The ultimate aim when selecting the perfect gift.

The possibilities are endless, allowing you to select from roses, alstromeria or freesia in our Letterbox Flowers (mail order flowers that pop through the letterbox), their generous clusters of fresh stems ready to unwrap and share the joy of arranging in a vase.

Or how about our Flowerbottles that come with a lovely reusable Kilner jar, perfect for making jam or storing cookies. Or our vintage style pharmacy bottles that look pretty on the dressing table and can be reused in the kitchen. That way there’s something to enjoy and smile about (together) for years to come, a permanent reminder of their special day.

I think we'd all agree flowers are the perfect go-to gift for occasions of joy and happiness, and sending a bouquet to someone you love, respect or admire is the ultimate in feel-good for both of you. What could be better!