Dec 15, 2020

Showbiz Babies - The Most Anticipated New Arrivals of 2020

We all love a good celebrity baby update, and while 2020 has been a strange year for us, that doesn’t mean that anything has changed as far as our interest in the new famous arrivals!

With a number of new babies and parents this year, we wanted to find out which new bundle of joy has been the most hotly anticipated of the year and inspire you to send one of our stunning new baby flower arrangements and cards.

Most Anticipated Babies of 2020

Looking at a number of factors - the number of searches in 2020, the number of likes on Instagram announcements and the number of news articles about the new babies - we were able to give an ‘anticipation score’ out of 100 to see which tiny celebs were the most anticipated this year.

The Most Liked Baby Announcements

Their babies may be only tiny, but they’re already making a huge impression on social media.Take a look below to find out which baby announcements were the most popular.

The Most Written About Baby Celebs of 2020

It always makes big news when our favourite celebrities announce a new addition to their family, but which babies have proved to be the most newsworthy?

The Most Anticipated New Arrivals of 2020 - Ranked


We used a number of online articles that listed celebrity babies born in 2020 from Glamour, Planet Radio, and What to Expect.

We then used Instagram to find the posts from both parents announcing the birth of their new baby where available, taking the number of likes on these posts as a ranking factor. We also looked at how many news articles appeared when searching for the name of the baby. Lastly, we used Google Keyword Planner to find the search volume for four phrases for each baby, taking a total of the searches made in 2020 for each of those terms. These terms were the name of the baby and a combination of both parents’ names both alone and together with the word ‘baby’.

Finally, we used a weighted ranking system to rank our most anticipated babies of 2020 with each factor being weighted equally.