Dec 15, 2020

Location Babies - Names for the Wanderlust-Filled Parent

Our names are important to our sense of identity and who we are, and what a responsibility for new parents when they’re choosing a name for their new bundle of joy! Many parents take inspiration from everything from the world of nature to their favourite fictional characters, and there are plenty of parents who choose a name based on their favourite city in the world, the place they were born, or even a memorable holiday destination.

We wanted to find out which names inspired by towns, cities, countries, and even continents are the most popular. And if a friend is soon to give birth, don't forget to send new baby flowers!

The Most Popular Location Baby Names

We took data from the UK and the US from 2000-2019 to see how many babies have been given location inspired names.

The Most Popular UK-Inspired Baby Names

While most of the top names come from US cities, there are plenty of UK-inspired names on our list, with these being the most popular:

Most Popular Location Names for Baby Girls

There are plenty of well-known women with names inspired by cities and countries, from Sofia Vergara to Dakota Fanning, but which other girls' names made our list?

Most Popular Location Names for Baby Boys

From Jordan Peele to Brooklyn Beckham, there are countless famous men with location names, but which boys’ names are the most popular?

The Most Popular Location Baby Names - Ranked


Using a variety of baby names lists from Disney, Closer, and Baby Center, we compiled a list of 100 names inspired by towns, cities, regions, countries, and continents around the world. We then looked at government sources to find the number of children born in the US and the UK between 2000-2019 with those names and took the total of these.