Sep 08, 2016

How To Use Edible Flowers

The edible flower trend is as strong as it was when it first popped up on everyone’s Pinterest feeds a year or so ago. You can now buy edible flowers relatively easily and cheaply on several websites with next day delivery should you need an emergency edible flower stock! (Which obviously, we all do sometimes of course!) During spring, growing edible flowers is a more economical alternative, and is simple for even a beginner gardener to master.

Once you’ve got your hands on some beautiful, edible blossoms the question is what to do with them. Everyone knows you can adorn a cake with a handful of crystallized pansies for an elegant finish, or add a sprinkle of rose petals to a dish for colour and sweetness but there other avenues to explore when using edible violets, pansies, roses and lilacs (amongst others).

To help you do more than add a touch of pizzazz to a plain-jane cake or dish, we’ve designed this pretty infographic to enable you to actually use your enchanting flowers for more than just a decoration. We have here a collection of recipes and some interesting facts to help you understand more about edible flowers and how to get the best out of them. Just don’t go ripping the heads off that beautiful bunch of anniversary flowers for use on your cakes. That might not go down too well…

How To Use Edible Flowers

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