Sep 11, 2022

Flowercard Freesia Week - A Guide to the Beautiful Freesia Flower

by Caitlin Schweppe

Fragrant Freesia Flowers: History & Colour Guide

Freesias are the prettiest blooms. You may have noticed these gorgeous flowers in a lot of our floral gifts. They certainly make an arrangement stand out with their delicate petals and distinctive sweet fragrance. Actually, the heavenly fragrance of the freesia is so popular that it is often used in perfumes, soaps, and candles. Our Freesia and Elderflower candles are very popular with the Flowercard community!

What makes this bloom unique from other flowers is that it first starts to bloom in winter. You’ll likely find freesias in decorative centrepieces for tables, windows, and balconies. Many choose to gift the beautiful bloom to the special people in their life, as it is a symbol of friendship, loyalty, and unconditional love.

The History of Freesias

Freesias have a history and symbolic meaning as beautiful as the flower itself. The bloom was first discovered by Christian F Ecklon who named the bloom after his friend, German botanist Friedrich Freese. It is definitely this heartfelt gesture that made freesias a popular friendship flower around the world.

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of freesia at weddings. The flower has been used since the 1950s as a wedding flower gift as it is said to symbolise trust and loyalty to a special someone.

Freesia Colour Meanings

Freesias come in both bold and bright colours and stunning pastel shades. Every colour has a symbolic meaning so each makes a perfect gift for different occasions.

White freesias symbolise purity. A perfect gift choice for wedding bouquets and centrepieces. Gifting white freesias is also a thoughtful way to send love to someone during a difficult time in their life.

Red freesias symbolise romance or passion. They are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gifts. You can even send red freesias just to remind someone how much you adore them.

Pink freesias are symbolic of motherly love and affection. Pink freesias are a lovely choice for Mother’s Day or for the beautiful women in your life.

Yellow freesias are for friendship and joy. Yellow blooms are popular gift choices that can be sent to a special friend, to celebrate happy occasions, or just to brighten your special someone’s day.

Freesia arrangements add delicate beauty and a sweet fragrance to any gift. Regardless of the occasion, our beautiful gift collection with freesias will bring an abundance of colour and joy to the recipient. You can pair our gifts with sweetly-scented candles, like our Elderflower candle, and an equally sweet message on your card to create the perfect gift for those dearest to you.

View our range of freshly-cut freesias in pretty Flowercard designs and send a fragrant floral hug to your special someone.