Freesia Flowercards & Gifts

Fragrant freesias are the perfect flower to send to close friends. Symbolising friendship and innocence, their unique shape and sweet scent is incredibly popular for any occasion.

Common name: Freesia

The Freesia is a beautiful addition to any decorative gift. Apart from its striking coloured blooms and distinctive sweet scent, the fragrance of the Freesia is often used in perfumes, soaps, and candles. Freesia scented gifts and flower arrangements are gifted to symbolise friendship or love for a special someone.

Freesias are unique to most flowers as they first start to bloom in winter. Florists choose Freesia during the springtime as it adds a gorgeous splash of colour to any floral gift. Many freesia displays are also used for decorative purposes for balconies or centrepieces.

Freesias have a history and meaning as beautiful as the flower itself. The bloom was first discovered by Christian P Ecklon who named it after his friend. It has since been used as a gesture of friendship around the world. It is also sent as a thoughtful gift to show your trust and loyalty to someone. The flower has also been used since the 1950s as a wedding flower to symbolise purity and trust.

Today there are over 400 species of Freesias. Each has a bright colour that provides different meanings for gifts. White freesias are symbolic of purity. It is also used for weddings, along with red freesias which symbolises romance or passion. Pink is often sent as a symbol of motherly love. Yellow freesias are probably the most frequently gifted as they symbolise friendship and joy.

H2 - Latin name: Freesia; Eckl. ex Klatt

The Freesia gets its name from its discoverer Christian P Ecklon who named the bloom after his friend, German botanist Friedrich Freese. The word Freesias in numerology means the number nine which symbolises selflessness. . Freesia arrangements and bouquets add striking beauty and a sweet fragrance to any gift. The Freesia is a thoughtful flower for a friend to celebrate your strong friendship. Red and white freesia will work well as a wedding gift or centerpiece. Pink freesia can help you to show appreciation for your mother on Mother’s Day. Regardless of the occasion, Freesia will bring an abundance of colour and joy to a special person in your life.

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