Jun 24, 2021

Afternoon Tea Delights

Where in the UK is the best place to have afternoon tea?

Ever since the early 1840s, thanks to Queen Victoria, afternoon tea has been enjoyed by many at social events or for commemorating special occasions such as birthdays or baby showers. Another special occasion you may partake in an afternoon tea could be for a fundraising activity, just like the NHS Big Tea Campaign that’s taking place on 5th July. Take five, share a brew and raise money for an incredible cause with friends and family in an afternoon tea party to remember!

If you can’t have your own tea party for the cause, why not go out and have afternoon tea at your favourite local coffee shop instead? We know how much Brits love cake and a cuppa so we were sure there would be plenty of options no matter where you live, but just where in the UK is the best place to have afternoon tea? Well, we’ve carried out some research to find out just that using a variety of factors including the percentage of places offering afternoon tea in each area, how many of them offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options and how many of them are wheelchair accessible!

Aberdeen is the best place to have afternoon tea

Topping our list with an overall ranking score of 6.19 is Aberdeen. The Scottish port city has 19 afternoon tea establishments, with 95% of them offering vegetarian options, 58% have vegan options and the same amount have gluten-free options too. This makes the Scottish city have the highest amount of vegetarian and gluten-free options out of all cities on our list. So, no matter your dietary requirements, you are more than likely to find somewhere that will provide afternoon tea for you.

Second on our list is the seaside area of Brighton and Hove which, if you’re vegan, you will want to head to for afternoon tea. According to our research, each of the places that serve afternoon tea in the city also has vegan options available for customers. We also found that 42% of these places are wheelchair accessible to customers.

Taking the third spot is London with 287 places listed to choose from for your afternoon tea celebrations. Just over half of these are vegetarian-friendly while ⅖ offer vegan-friendly options for their customers.

To discover where your local area comes on our list, check out the full list below!

The most wheelchair accessible afternoon tea options: Liverpool & Swindon

Breaking down our research into a variety of factors, we wanted to investigate which town or city had the best wheelchair accessible places to enjoy afternoon tea. We found that in Liverpool and Swindon 100% of their establishments offering afternoon tea were also wheelchair accessible, meaning no matter if you're in the north or south of the UK, there are places where everyone has access.

The best place for a vegan afternoon tea

When it comes to vegan afternoon tea options, you will want to head to Brighton and Hove in the southeast of the UK. As previously mentioned, the city takes second place on our list overall and comes out top for vegan afternoon teas with 100% of their afternoon tea eateries offering vegan options.


We analysed the top 50 most populated towns and cities in the UK on seven different factors sourced from TripAdvisor, giving each place a normalised score out of ten for each factor, before taking an overall average across all seven factors.

  1. Total Number of Coffee & Tea Establishments
  2. Total Number of Establishments Offering Afternoon Tea
  3. % of Establishments Offering Afternoon Tea
  4. % of Establishments Offering Vegetarian Options
  5. % of Establishments Offering Vegan Options
  6. % of Establishments Offering Gluten-Free Options
  7. % of Establishments That Are Wheelchair Accessible