NHS Big Tea Exclusive

We are delighted to support NHS Charities Together.

To send someone a very special floral hug whilst helping us raise money for NHS Charities Together, choose your favourite from the collection below. All profits from these gifts will go directly to the charity to help them continue the amazing work they do.

Support our NHS heroes

NHS Charities together is the national charity partner of the NHS, combining 240 charity partners comprising hospitals, mental health, ambulance and community health services across the UK. Their work is an incredibly important part of the NHS’s ability to go above and beyond what would normally be possible to save even more lives.

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in the NHS having the most challenging year in its history over the last 12 months, and while the vaccination process is well underway and we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel, frontline NHS staff are still busier than ever.

Thousands of COVID-19 patients still require care, while the backlog of patients which built up over the course of the pandemic means demand for health services hasn’t subsided. Ensuring our NHS heroes have the support they need is vital.

Join us and say “thank you”

Last year you helped us raise an incredible £10,000 for NHS Charities Together through sales of a limited edition Flowercard. We were thrilled to be able to support the work of this incredible charity in our own small way, and this year we are continuing with the sale of this very special collection.

The past year (and more at this stage!) has been incredibly difficult for so many reasons, but we think everyone would agree that one thing we have all missed enormously is simple human connection. Being together and sharing the same physical space, experiencing things in-person rather than through a screen, having a cuppa and a catch-up with the people dearest to us, and celebrating the precious moments that punctuate our lives.

If you can’t meet with people in person, but would still love to reach out and let friends, neighbours and loved ones know they’re never alone, then why not send a floral hug with Flowercard? We have created a very special limited-edition range of afternoon tea-themed Flowercards and teacups to help you do just that. Each one can be personalised with your heartfelt message and all the profits we raise from the sale of these gifts will go to NHS Charities Together.


What’s NHS Charities Together?

NHS Charities Together is the national charity caring for the NHS and is made up of 240 NHS charity members. Through these 240 charities, NHS Charities Together uses its national reach to ensure funds are spent where they’re needed most, funding projects which both improve services for patients and help NHS staff and volunteers both practically and emotionally, so they can continue their life-saving work.

When is the NHS Big Tea?

The NHS Big Tea is on Monday 5th July at 3pm.

How does my purchase support the charity?

If you purchase one of our limited edition, NHS Flowercards, all profits from your purchase go straight to NHS Charities Together. Last year, you helped us raise a whopping £10,000 for the NHS with a limited edition Flowercard. With your support, we’re hoping to raise even more this year.

Is there a limit to what I can purchase?

No! We want to help everyone say “thank you” while raising as much money as possible for the NHS, so there are no limits on the number of items you can purchase.

Can I customise my order?

Yes! We know sending a floral hug is a precious moment, so we let you customise your Flowercard to make each gift personal to the recipient. Simply add your desired message on the product page.