Nov 16, 2016

Winter wonderland of festive floral displays

White offers a crisp, fresh alternative for celebratory winter flowers this season

As our consultant florist Benjamina told us about her approach to festive floral decorations, it’s great to reinvent your festive style. Rich berry tones and new burgundy flowers offer you a lot more options on classic red and white blooms than ever before but don’t forget the enduring appeal of icy white petals and new forest green foliage for winter displays, festive or otherwise.

Crisp and contemporary, white flowers have a clean, minimalist feel that works just everywhere from your office to country house or modern studio apartment. The joy of white is that being neutral, it works as both a backdrop and accent colour, perfect to add a little seasonal frosting to any Christmas floral display.

Look out for bloom white chrysanthemums in cards like Pretty Petaldust. Their irresistible snowball heads are tight with petals to make a standout statement. White freesias are endlessly appealing with their delicate fragrance, hinting at spring to come, and frothy white lisianthus and spray roses have that vintage feel that’s always on trend. Table centrepieces can be pepped up with ditsy foliage like pistache and dried poppy heads to add shape that works in 360.

Featured cards: Pretty Petaldust £24, Friend in Me £22.