Mar 25, 2021

Which honeymoon destinations are at the top of our wish lists?

by Verena Hallam

When the wedding is over, the wedding cards and gifts are opened, and the chaos of the big day has subsided, there’s another big event to look forward to - the honeymoon. While 2020 was a bad year for newlyweds and couples planning their nuptials, 2021 might just be able to offer a little hope of honeymoon plans being able to go ahead.

So while we’ve been in lockdown, where are the destinations we’ve been planning to honeymoon in? We took a look at 2019-2020 figures to see which romantic locations are the most popular with newlyweds and which destinations are set to be the next big thing for the all-important post-nuptial getaway.

The Most Desired UK Honeymoon Destinations

With so many fantastic destinations around the UK, it’s no surprise that newlyweds at home and abroad have been thinking about honeymooning on the British Isles. Looking at searches from around the world for 2020, we were able to find the most desired honeymoon locations in the UK, with the capital taking the top spot, followed by two of the best-known beauty spots in the country, Cornwall and the Lake District.

The UK Honeymoon Destinations Rising in Popularity

We know which UK destinations are the most popular, but what about the places that are set to be the hottest honeymoon spots in the next few years? By comparing 2019 searches with 2020 searches, we can see which destinations are gaining in popularity and predict the up-and-coming hotspots.

The World’s Desired World Honeymoon Destinations

Just because we’ve been in lockdown, doesn’t mean we can’t dream, and we’ve been dreaming big when it comes to honeymoon destinations across the world. Based on worldwide 2020 searches, the Maldives is the most popular spot, followed by Bora Bora and Bali - looks like we’re after sun, sea and beaches!

The World Honeymoon Destinations Gaining in Popularity

While the luxury island honeymoon may be the most popular right now, what about the up-and-coming destinations? Based on the increase in searches from 2019-2020, our predicted next big honeymoon destinations include a number of places in the US, such as Nantucket, Austin and Asheville.

The Most Desired US State Honeymoon Destinations

The US is a popular honeymoon destination, but which states are the most desired in 2020? According to worldwide search data, Hawaii is the most popular honeymoon destination, followed by Florida and Colorado.

The US State Honeymoon Destinations Gaining in Popularity

If you want to get ahead of the trend and honeymoon in the up-and-coming US state destinations, we’re predicting that you should opt for South Dakota, Ohio and West Virginia based on the year on year increase in searches for these states.


We began by compiling a list of 101 UK destinations, 264 worldwide destinations and all 50 states to research, using lists of honeymoon destinations as well as popular tourist destinations from sources such as The Culture Trip, The Knot, For Better For Worse, Brides, and Holiday Cottages.

Using these destinations, we looked at worldwide search data for 2019 and 2020 using Google’s keyword planner tool. We then took a total of monthly searches across each 12 month period to give an annual search volume and compared 2019 and 2020 searches to find the increase in searches for each destination.