Nov 15, 2021

Wedding Messages: What To Write in a Wedding Card

by Verena Hallam

Writing a message in a wedding card allows you to express your deepest love and congratulations to a couple about to embark on a new journey in life.

No pressure, right?

If you need to give someone a wedding card but have no idea what to write inside, you're in the right place. You can use the messages below exactly as written or easily tweaked based on your needs. Plus, we've included some helpful do's and don'ts so your message will end up heartfelt, appropriate, and memorable.

Grab a pen because the perfect wedding message awaits!

Wedding Messages To Celebrate the Marriage of Friends

Is your best friend getting married? Craft a message that reflects the close bond shared by you two but isn't so packed with inside jokes and references that their spouse-to-be feels left out. Instead, comment on shared experiences in a fun and accessible way.

  • Remember in primary school when we'd dream about marrying a handsome prince? I'm so happy you found yours!

  • The prediction from the psychic in Vegas came true! You met the woman of your dreams—best wishes to both of you.

  • I'm so happy that my best friend has found somebody so special. Congratulations to you both!

  • My childhood friend is marrying the [man/woman] of their dreams, and I couldn't be happier!

  • Do you remember how you called me after your first date and exclaimed, "He's the one!" You were right! Here's to a lifetime of happiness.

  • Out of the many adventures we've had over the years, this is the best yet.

Remember to include the spouse in your message. It's easy to accidentally focus your message exclusively on your friend, especially if you don't know their spouse well. But even a simple line such as "best wishes to you both" acknowledges their status as a couple.

What if you're friends with both of the people getting married? Here's what to write in a wedding card:

  • It's official! You're a family! My love to you both.

  • Of everything we've experienced together in life, this is the most joyous!

  • I'd always hoped for this day! I'm so happy for you both!

  • I thank my lucky stars for the years of friendship and joy shared with the two of you.

  • You two are a match made in heaven! We all support you 100%.

People who marry their best friends report the highest level of happiness in their marriage, so add to the fun by making your message upbeat and heartfelt.

Wedding Messages To Celebrate the Marriage of Your Son or Daughter

While any sincere message of love and support is welcome, you can further personalise what you write based on the specific relationship between you and your child.

Messages From Mother To Daughter

[Spouse's name] is such a wonderful addition to our family. Your father and I welcome him with open arms!

Ever since you were a little girl, I dreamed you'd marry a handsome, caring man like [spouse]. What a wonderful day for you both!

Congratulations! I hope your marriage is as happy as mine and your father's. We're both so proud!

You've blossomed into a beautiful young lady. May every day forward be ever happier.

At all stages of life, you've shown such great intelligence, compassion, and loveliness. Today, as you join hearts with [Groom], I know the two of you will continue to grow together even more.

Messages From Father To Daughter

One of my biggest dreams was for you to find a man to love you, protect you, and travel with you through life. Today, that dream has come true.

I'm so proud of the woman you've become and the man you've fallen in love with. Many happy blessings on this beautiful day.

Your mother and I love you today as much as I did the day you were born. We wish you health and happiness in your marriage.

[Groom] is everything a father could want in a son-in-law. Welcome to the family!

From the moment you were born, I thought about one day walking you down the aisle. Today, it is my privilege to give you away to [Groom], and I look forward to watching the two of you develop a life together.

Messages From Mother To Son

Thank you for bringing such a wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent woman into our family. Love and blessings to you both!

May you find the happiness, love, and support in your marriage that your father and I have found in ours.

From learning to walk to now standing at the altar, I've been proud of you every step of the way. Congratulations on marrying such a great woman.

You're everything I could have ever wanted in a son, and I hope your marriage brings you countless blessings.

Your wonderful bride has found a place in our family, and we're so thrilled the two of you have decided to spend your lives together. Make sure to tell each other "I love you" every day!

Messages From Father To Son

I'm so proud of the responsible, caring man you've become. Congratulations on your new life with such a wonderful woman.

I know you'll be a kind, understanding, loving husband. I wish you both nothing but the best on this day and every other.

Now it's on, buddy! Who will win the award for "Best Husband" in this family? Congratulations on entering the competition!

You've married well, son. I hope you and your bride enjoy married life as much as your mother and I have.

Quick Tip: As a general rule, parents should steer clear of messages expressing an interest in grandchildren. It can wind up seeming awkward if the couple can't have or doesn't want children.

Wedding Messages To Celebrate the Marriage of Your Brother or Sister

Be careful here. Some siblings, especially brothers, have a tendency to take it too far. While comedy is great, you never want to be overly crass or mean-spirited. Those types of jokes typically don't stand the test of time.

Instead, aim for playful, heartfelt, and complimentary.

Brother To Brother

I can hardly believe my little brother is all grown up! What a wonderful couple you and your bride make.

Don't worry, bro. I won't tell her she's too good for you! Congrats on marrying such an amazing woman.

First, I had an awesome brother, and now I have an even more awesome sister-in-law, too. Thanks for adding so much to our family.

As my big brother, I've always looked to you for guidance through life, and today you've set a great example of what a loving, caring husband should be.

Sister To Sister

Your new husband is such an amazing addition to the family. I wish you both a life together filled with happiness.

To my dear sister, you've found the love we've wished for since we were little girls. I'm so happy for you!

It feels like just yesterday when we were playing on the swing-set at Grandma's [or similar]. Now you're a bride with a family of your own – and I couldn't be prouder.

I'm so excited to have [Groom] as my new brother-in-law! He has no idea what he's in for – right, Sis?

For my first and best friend, may your wedding be the first of many years of joy and contentment.

Brother To Sister

Congratulations on marrying a man I'm proud to call brother. He's an awesome addition to the family.

You're marrying a great guy, and I couldn't be happier!

As your brother, I'll always protect and support you. Thankfully, your husband is a wonderful partner who will always treat you right.

I'm so happy you've found a man you care for so much. He brings out the best in you and truly makes you shine!

Even though you'll soon start a new life with your husband, you'll always hold a special place in my heart as my only sister. I wish you boundless joy on your new journey.

Sister To Brother

I've always wanted a sister, and now I have the best one ever! Congratulations [Bride], and welcome to the family.

You bring my brother so much joy. I'm excited that you've joined our family.

Wow, who would've imagined my brother would end up with such a winner! You're everything I could have hoped for and more in a sister-in-law.

Hey big Bro, you've got a wonderful woman here. I know the two of you will be very happy together.

To my dearest brother, we have shared so many times, both good and bad, but together we have a bond that will last forever. It is my sincerest hope that you and your bride also share a beautiful forever bond.

Wedding Messages To Celebrate the Marriage of Parents

Many couples renew their vows as a way to celebrate all they've accomplished so far in their marriage while also recommitting to a future together. If your parents are renewing their vows, your wedding message can reference happy moments from their life and comment on the strength of their love.

  • My beloved mum and dad, your love for one another is an inspiration and goal for all of us kids.

  • Sending all of my love as you renew your vows. I can't wait to celebrate with the entire family!

  • As you renew your vows, I wish you continued happiness and hope your relationship continues to grow even stronger.

  • [XX] years – what an accomplishment! You're a shining example of the power of true love.

  • As all of your children and family gather together to celebrate your [XX] years of marriage, I hope you can feel the sincere love we all have for both of you.

  • The best is yet to come! Here's to another fabulous [XX] years of wedded bliss.

Messages For Parents of the Bride or Groom

You might want to send a note to the bride or groom's mother, father, or both. Here are a few examples of what you can write:

  • You have every reason to feel tremendously proud of the remarkable woman your daughter has become. My, how time flies!

  • I can't believe little [Groom] has grown into such a handsome fellow. Congratulations to your whole family on this special day.

  • As our [Bride/Groom] marries your [Bride/Groom], I’m so excited to see our families merge into one. Here's to new journeys together.

  • Thank you so much for inviting our family to such an important and beautiful event in your lives.

Message To a Parent Marrying a New Partner

Is your mum or dad marrying someone new? The type of message you'll want to write depends on a few different factors, such as your age and whether the parent is remarrying after a divorce or a death.

  • Dear Dad, While we'll always miss mum, it's heartwarming to watch how you've found love again with someone truly special. Congratulations on your marriage!

  • You've made my mum happy for so many years, and I'm so excited that you're officially a part of the family now!

  • You and my dad are a wonderful match. I'm proud to have you as my stepmum.

  • Congratulations! You two have so many wonderful years ahead of you.

  • The two of you have such a beautiful love story. We wish you all the best in your new life together.

If someone is remarrying after a divorce, don't make jokes about how the person has "upgraded" or "made a better choice." Instead, you're better off not mentioning the previous marriage at all. Focus on the bright future the couple can look forward to.

Wedding Messages To Your Husband or Wife

Even though you'll speak your vows aloud during the ceremony, many people also want to write a special message for their husband or wife. Lots of folks feel more comfortable expressing themselves in print than verbally. Also, by giving your spouse a card, your thoughts are preserved for all time.

Start by summing up your feelings for your spouse:

  • You're my best friend.

  • I never dreamed I'd find someone I love as much as I love you.

  • I'm the luckiest [man/woman] in the world.

  • Today is a day I've dreamed of for a long time.

Then, take a step back in time and write about how you first felt when you met your love.

  • Where were you? What were you doing?

  • What initially caught your eye about the other person?

  • What qualities first struck you as attractive? Aside from physical features, also describe aspects of their personality, such as their intelligence and kindness.

  • When did you first fall in love with the person?

Finally, express your excitement about what the future has in store for the two of you. You can write about:

  • How you look forward to growing old together

  • How you're excited to accomplish some life goal

  • How you look forward to continuing to experience favourite activities together, such as traveling, exploring new restaurants, or wherever the two of you enjoy

  • How you can't wait to start a family

Quick Tip: Don't suddenly tell your spouse that you want kids just before your wedding. But if the two of you have previously decided you want kids, you can reaffirm your readiness for a family.

Funny Wedding Card Messages

Weddings are joyous times, so don't be afraid to include some comedy in your message. However, make sure you do it the right way. Jokes that might get a laugh in person don't always translate well into print.

As a general rule, avoid anything snarky, sarcastic, or overly risqué. Definitely don't imply the couple got married too soon or after too long a time. Also, and this is the most important rule, never, ever joke about divorce.

Here are some funny, good-natured, and appropriate zingers you can put in a wedding card:

  • To quote Mr. Spock, "Live long and prosper!"

  • Thanks for the great meal and open bar – and congratulations on getting hitched!

  • Did you invite me because you know I'll get the dance party started? After all, I got the moves!

  • I apologise in advance if I start sobbing uncontrollably during the ceremony. Seeing you two together just makes me so happy!

  • [From a married couple] Always remember that a happy marriage is built upon love, respect, and a willingness to scrub the toilet!

  • I still don't know why she said "yes" to that first date, but you sure lucked out, [Groom]. Happy wishes to you both.

  • I'll go to any wedding with an open bar. The fact that I love you both just happens to be a great bonus!

Religious Wedding Card Messages

If the couple is religious, you can write a message that mentions God, quotes scriptures, includes a prayer, or otherwise references their religious beliefs. A spiritual message can be profoundly moving to the bride and groom.

General Religious Messages:

  • Have a blessed marriage!

  • The love shared by the two of you is a great blessing.

  • Sending you prayers for a happy and healthy life together.

  • May the foundation of your marriage be as strong as your faith.

Christian Messages:

  • May God Bless you and your [Bride/Groom]

  • May God grant you infinite love and joy today and every day

  • And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

  • Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love Ephesians 4:2

Jewish Messages:

  • Mazel Tov! May the happiness you feel today continue for life.

  • A husband and wife are one soul, separated only through their descent to this world. When they are married, they are reunited again. The Zohar I91a

  • Mazel Tov on your [marriage/wedding]!

  • A man should eat and drink less than his means, clothe himself according to his means, and honour his wife and children beyond his means. Talmud, Chullin 84b

Note that religious messages aren't suitable for every occasion. Roughly 50% of British people don't identify with any religion, and for them, receiving a religious message might feel uncomfortable. Only write a religious message in a wedding card if:

  • You're sure the couple is religious

  • You know what religion they follow

  • When you don't know a couple's religious beliefs, you're better off writing a general message.

Generic Wedding Card Messages

A generic greeting doesn't have to sound impersonal or insincere. The following notes of congratulations work well if you're not particularly close to either the bride, groom, or both. They reflect sincere well-wishes in a friendly way.

  • Today, two become one. Best wishes on your life together. Love, [Family Name]

  • Congratulations on tying the knot! Have fun on your honeymoon!

  • May your love provide shelter from life's storms and help you achieve all of your dreams.

  • From our family to yours, our deepest and most heartfelt congratulations on your nuptials.

  • May your marriage contain heaps of love, humour, romance, and joy.

Also, remember to thank the bride and groom for the invitation. Here are some general ideas:

  • Thanks so much for inviting us to your wedding! It was an honour to spend your special day with you.

  • We're thrilled you asked us to celebrate your wedding with you. We are looking forward to a wonderful time!

  • After knowing you for so many years, I was so delighted to receive an invitation to your wedding. Thank you so much!

Final Thoughts

You don't need the skills of Shakespeare to craft a stirring, profound, and memorable wedding message. Ultimately, it’s about acknowledging the moment and providing a keepsake to the recipients. Understand your audience, avoid inappropriate humour, and speak from the heart. The couple is sure to love what you have to say if you show your sincerity!

If you can’t manage to think of something unique to write, we hope the messages above will provide some inspiration to commemorate upcoming nuptials.