Jun 22, 2022

What are the Best Flowers for Beekeeping?

by Caitlin Schweppe

What are the Best Flowers for Beekeeping?

Honeybees are important for our survival. They pollinate over 65% of the world’s crops. We have bees to thank for our delicious fruit, vegetable, and even the cocoa bean used in our decadent chocolate. Bees however cannot do their jobs without the nectar and pollen from beautiful flowers. We need to help feed bees the energy they need for pollination. Here is some info you can use to create a bee-friendly garden.

Why do we need flowers for beekeeping?

The soft pollen from flowers is like protein to bees. Sweet nectar is their energy source. By keeping flowers that offer these sources, you’ll help them with feeding, pollination, and honey production. A lone flower or bouquet left in isolated areas in your garden won’t do the job. When it comes to attracting pollinators, the more flowers the better.

What flowers produce the most nectar for bees?


Lavender is a beautiful scent for a human but to bees, it’s nectar heaven. The lavender plant is known for its long-bloom time which means they are richer in nectar than most flowers. If you’re trying to attract bees to your garden, keeping some lavender on standby is the best way to do it.


The sweet floral scent of lilac will keep bees buzzing in your garden. Lilacs contain the nectar that bees thrive on but they are also easy to grow for beekeepers. They are also available in a variety of brilliant wild colours.


Sunflowers are bees are the perfect match. Apart from the seed and oil we receive, it also produces an abundance of nectar and pollen for bees. Sunflowers are also a tall and beautiful addition to any garden.


Mint is not just used for our dishes and desserts, the plant is rich in nectar for bees. Planting mint will help them to get the food they need for pollination and honey production.


Everyone loves a sweet-smelling, old-fashioned poppy, including our bee friends. Poppies produce plenty of sweet nectar for honeybees to keep them buzzing.

Other flowers that help bees to feed, pollinate, and produce good honey production include:

Ever-blooming Wallflowers Small blooms of Catmint Wild Hellebores Delicate Spring Blossoms Michaelmas daisies Centaurea

At Flowercard, we have deep admiration and respect for busy bees. They do not just bring us the nutritious food we consume daily, but they keep our economy strong and gardens beautiful. Our commitment and products are designed towards saving the bees. By planting or placing flowers around your garden, you will help bees and create a magnificent garden you can be proud of.

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