Apr 01, 2019

Top Tips For Easter Flower Arranging

The lovely yellows and whites of Easter flower bouquets always seem to brighten up a room, bringing the hint of fresh new beginnings and (fingers crossed!) the start of springtime weather too. If you fancy having a go at creating your own Easter arrangement here are some ideas from our florists.

Whether you decide to create a floral extravaganza or a thoughtful little posy, there are several flowers associated with Easter to choose from. You can opt to keep it to one or two types of the same colours for impact, or mix it up to create a real burst of life. A glorious statement flower to include is the Easter Lily. This beauty has pure white petals that surround stamens of bright yellow pollen and their long stems make an ideal starting point for your arrangement. From there you can vary the levels to frame these gorgeous flowers by experimenting with different varieties of cheerful daffodils. Symbolising rebirth, daffs are part of the narcissus family and can be as cute as five inches tall all the way up to two feet in height! Some have double petals and their colours range from white, to pale yellow all the way through to a striking orange.

You can also add variety to your Easter flower bundle by using white, yellow, orange, and pink tulips for dashes of dazzling colour. Chrysanthemums come in so many pretty variants too, and a strong pink or purple coloured bloom could really add some attention grabbing pizazz. Their wider surface area can also help to fill in any gaps in your creation so it's good to have some to hand. Other happy fillers that bring the feeling of springtime indoors are giant daisies, carnations, and freesias. Sweet additions such as hyacinths will perfume your bouquet, and feathertop grasses (Pennisetum Villosum) will add some delicate finesse.

If you're giving away your bouquet as a gift to a dear one you can recycle a vase to put your finished creation in or carefully encase it in pretty paper tied together with a bright yellow ribbon. For more inspiration have a look at our gorgeous Flowerbox, Burst of Sunshine, for its vibrant Easter colours. Happy flower arranging!