Apr 10, 2018

Top Ideas For Reusing Your Flowercard Gifts!

Flowers are always a treat, no matter what the occasion, however their one drawback is that they don’t last forever! The great thing about Flowercard gifts is that lots of them come with an added keepsake, which you can use again once the blooms have faded. We’ve come up with a few clever suggestions for how you might use the keepsake again to make that special feeling last as long as possible.

Our bone china teacup and saucers have plenty of beautiful uses once their flowers aren’t around anymore. What about filling them with water and floating a tea light in there for a lovely table decoration? Or you could go for something a little more traditional and fill them with a soothing cup of your favourite tea - our favourite is a calming chamomile.

Our trugs are beautifully made with natural wood and would be a perfect choice for some re-gifting. To give that extra personal touch to a gift, why not use your trug to pick some fresh flowers from the garden or some home-grown fruit and veg? We love to fill ours with country garden fruit like apples, plums and blackberries! Keep the satin ribbon tied to the handle to give it an extra special finish.

Our new Flowerbaskets come complete with a rustic basket, perfect for using again once the blooms are past their best. They’re pretty versatile and have some great uses in the home. For the sewers and knitters amongst you, these would be great for holding ribbons, knitting needles and other haberdashery bits and bobs. Or, now that we’re (hopefully) past the cold weather, how about a cutlery holder on your garden table? Perfect for those sunny days eating out in the garden with the family.

Some of our Flowercards come presented in beautiful tins in a range of colours including Duck Egg Blue, Cotswold Cream, Pistachio Green and Contemporary Silver, and are perfect for holding a selection of baked goods! These are great for both the aspiring and the accomplished bakers among you. Why not dig out that family recipe for chocolate chip cookies, or if you need some inspiration, we offer a Flowercard with a truly delicious recipe for a gin and tonic cake! Next time you’re thinking of what to do with the little ones, why not roll your sleeves up, get busy in the kitchen and bake up a batch of sweet treats!