Nov 13, 2017

Top Five Uses for Lavender

Lovely Lavender Lemonade This scrumptious lavender lemonade is sure to get the conversation going when guests come round! We found a great recipe for this delicious concoction and you can add a drop of blue and red food colouring to give it a tinge of lilac. Serve in tall glasses with ice and a sprig of lavender or mint for a colourful flourish. Lovely!

Lavender infused sugar – a great gift idea! Stir in a little love with this super simple lavender-infused sugar recipe! Combine two parts white sugar and one part lavender blossoms in an airtight container (being careful not to let any moisture in during this part of the process). After a couple of weeks the sugar will be permeated with a lovely aroma, and be ready for use in a fruit tea, for sprinkling over cakes, or put some in to jars decorated with a pretty ribbon to make a sweet floral gift.

Central heating remedy As the nights draw in, many of us will be switching on the radiators soon. While it's nice to be cosy, the effects of modern central heating can be quite drying. You can counteract this by using lavender oil directly on your skin - and even a dab on your lips if they are chapped! You can also mix a few drops of this very special essential oil in with your usual moisturiser or hand-cream for easier application.

Keep calm and lavender on Got sore muscles? Grab a sock, fill it with rice and lavender, heat it in the microwave and make your own, almost instant heat-pack! Lavender is also a wonderful, oh so natural aid for getting rid of headaches too. So, if you're finding yourself getting a little fraught over cooking the Christmas dinner, crack open the essential oil and breath in the floral remedy, or inhale a big breath from your own pot-pourri of lavender from the garden – and let calmness be restored.

Share the love Set the scene by scenting the rooms of your house so that visitors can benefit from this plant's tranquil influence as well. You can use an essential oil burner or leave dried blooms in pretty bowls near a radiator to give well-wishers, family, and friends a fragrant welcome this season.