Feb 20, 2018

Top Five Tips for a Spring Home Makeover

New sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers can instantly lift a bedroom. Treating yourself to a new set and changing a lampshade or two in the room will transform the space in an afternoon. Try bright colours for a striking look or go for calming neutrality. It doesn't have to be expensive and, even more economically, if you don't want to splash out on new bedding you could buy some colour dye from the supermarket and use your washing machine to refresh what you already have!

Transform a kitchen, bathroom, or living room wall by creating your own vertical garden. A simple piece of wooden trellis can be fixed to the wall from which to hang pots of herbs, trailing plants or dinky flowers in brightly coloured pots. The flash of living colours will look stunning and it will also serve as a natural, aromatic air freshener. It's a good idea to give the trellis a coat of varnish or paint to protect it from humidity, as well as to match it to the rest of your décor. You'll find plenty of inspiration online as well as at your local garden centre. Happy planting!

Bathroom cabinets, kitchen units, and bookshelves can be transformed in just a few minutes. You can use leftover wallpaper to completely change the look of a corner shelving unit or display cabinet by sticking the paper to the backs of the shelves. You can use the same paper or mix up the samples to create an interesting contrast. Complete the makeover by lining the inside of drawers too if you have enough.

Change the look of your bathroom by replacing old mats with new luxurious ones. Replacing traditional bathroom floor sets with a pretty floor covering in front of the sink or bath will look fabulous and feel great under your feet, making brushing your teeth in the morning a new experience!

Lift your living room with a new, signature lighting shade or mini chandelier. A new central focus will redirect the light which can really bring a different feel to the room. You'll find plenty of options at the DIY stores, online shops or eBay, or even by trawling a local car boot sale. Adding a large plant will also make an impact. Yucca varieties grow very well indoors and they don't mind being cut down whenever you want to give it a chop. Palms are also a great option as their impressive leaves bring a sense of the tropics to any sitting room. They're all easy to care for too.