Feb 06, 2018

Top Five Alternatives to Roses on Valentine's Day

Make a real splash and book a surprise mid-week break.

There are plenty of romantic boutique hotels to choose from all over the country. Wherever you go, why not top it off with a visit to an event nearby that your sweetheart will love, like a music concert, a thrill-seeking adventure, or a museum dedicated to their passions and interests. They're sure to be bowled over by your thoughtfulness.

Celebrate your love story with a custom print.

It's a fabulous way to relive a special occasion, a brilliant day out that you both loved, or even a favourite photo from your wedding day. Choose a picture of the two of you together, just them or even yourself, and have it made into a caricature or oil painting to refresh the moment and relive it all over again. We love that the end print can be displayed on the wall as a lasting reminder.

Exotic orchids come in so many colours, including plush deep pinks and stunning pure whites.

In fact, orchids are known to symbolize love, beauty, fertility, thoughtfulness, and charm - so a beautiful stem that keeps on blooming is a great alternative. They don't require much looking after either! We have some lovely options available with perfect, carefully selected blooms to say “I Love You”.

Personalised Prosecco anyone?

Perfect for a romantic evening in this satin-lined red gift box contains a black bottle with a stylish silver label that can carry a personalised message directly to your loved one. Nestled next to the bottle is a selection of high-quality chocolates for you both to enjoy. Simply chill the bubbles, then pop the cork, open the chocolates, snuggle down on the sofa and watch a great movie or reminisce over photos of all your time together. Lovely!

You'll find even more inspiration to get your sentiments across on Valentine's Day with our special collection.

You'll find flowercards and cute little teacups, as well as sweet additions like salted caramels and sumptuous handmade chocolates. All of our gifts can be personalised with a printed message as a keepsake for everlasting proof of your admiration. All you have to decide is what you'd like to say, who you'd like to send it to, and we'll do the rest. Happy Valentine's planning!