Jun 15, 2018

Top 10 Flowers For A Great British Summer Garden

On the 18th June, we are looking forward to British Flower Week, a wonderful celebration of all things British in the garden. To acknowledge our love for the Great British Garden, we have collected all our favourite flowers that will be in season this summer to make your garden bloom.

Peonies are one of our favourite flowers here at Flowercard. Not only are they enticingly voluptuous, but these luxurious blooms are coaxed out by the sun, making them a perfect flower for the British Summer Garden. They come in a large variety of colours and make a lovely addition to any bouquet - just remember that they don’t last very long!

Delphiniums make such a wonderful statement in any garden. These colourful spikes are covered in petite petals and come in vibrant blues and purples to add drama to any border or bed. Flowercard tip: if you’re planning a special event, Delphiniums look incredible in a hanging arrangement with some Wisteria. A fab way to bring summer inside your party!

Chrysanthemums may have had a bit of a bad reputation in the past, but in reality, they are fantastic value for money! Long lasting and brightly coloured, these button-sized blooms are very popular with our Flowercard fans and are super versatile. You’ll find a lot of them in our gifts, making that special feeling last a little bit longer.

Sweet Peas are great choices for all gardeners, but particular fabulous for those of you who aren’t the most experienced. These little plants are very easy to grow, beautiful to look at and smell incredible. Whilst you might think they belong in a veg patch, in reality these pretty peas are a great feature in a British garden. Try popping them on climbers next to a wall to brighten up your border - an especially good choice for a small garden!

Alliums are another popular choice and feature in the gardens of the Flowercard team themselves! These purple sensations are known as “ornamental onions” because of their showy, dome-shaped heads. No one can argue with vibrant colours in a flowerbed, and these look fab popping up in between some lush green patches of foliage.

What can be said about Sunflowers except that they personify happiness? Their bright, open heads make them incredibly popular, and the fact that they track the journey of the sun makes them a great family friendly flower, perfect for growing with young children! We love them for their cameo in Calendar Girls -- a great film to watch if you ever want some tips on growing these bright blooms!

Gypsophilia, or as it is more commonly known - “baby’s breath” - is a wispy, white flower classically used in flower arranging and a very popular choice for traditional wedding bouquets. These clouds of petals are great for filling gaps in your beds and tying in different colours from across your garden.

Lupins were incredibly popular at RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year and are clearly making a comeback. They may be just finishing up in June but we had to mention them. Another spike of colour similar to Delphiniums, Lupins look fantastic in borders leading up to your front door. A great way to welcome guests and a colourful addition to your facade.

Foxgloves are another firm favourite of ours. Although they can be poisonous, these bold plants make a dramatic statement in any garden. Another bloom finishing up around June, Foxgloves are a great choice for anyone looking to achieve an “English meadow” theme in their back garden. Pair with some long grass and meadow flowers for a wild-yet-tame look. Beautiful when enjoying those summer picnics!

Last but not least are Lilies. You can get a huge variety of Lilies native to Britain, and most are just coming into season around now. They provide a wonderfully elegant finish to a garden and don’t take a huge amount of maintaining. A good tip is to start them in pots around your patio, creating a lovely setting for those balmy summer evenings with friends and family.