May 10, 2017

Premium Flower Delivery: Tips for Keeping Flowers in Tip Top Condition

Sending or receiving flowers is a beautiful thing. A thoughtful bouquet can cheer a gloomy day and raise a smile from all who look upon it. Our premium flower delivery ensures they arrive in perfect condition, but make sure you prolong your enjoyment by taking a little time for proper care of your blooms. Here are Flowercard's top tips for getting the most out of your premium blooms:

Top Flower Care Tips to Follow

• Be aware of the longevity of the flower type you choose – carnations will last longest but roses will always have a shorter lifespan. They are so beautiful but just by their nature our time with them is precious!

• With fresh blooms, once they are cut ensure you change the water at least every other day.

• Provide extra nourishment for cut flowers with a teaspoon of sugar each time you change the water!

• Use lukewarm water rather than ice-cold, it is easier for the stems to absorb.

• Remove any leaves submerged or even touching the water as they will encourage bacteria and decay

• Trim stems every few days and at a 45º angle for optimum water absorption.

• Be sure to keep all flowers out of direct heat and drafts – this includes sunlight or a cool breeze!

Flowercards & Flowerposies

Our Flowercards, such as this beautiful and dainty Floral Fantasy, make a great little gift that is ready to display as soon as it arrives. Simply pierce the clear film with the pipette provided filled with fresh water. Make sure this is done often to ensure the florists’ foam is soaked and blooms will last as long as possible.

The same process can be used with Flowerposies such as our delightful Purest Posy by using the pipette to replenish the moisture filled bag. These gifts are perfect for those who love a little floral statement without the need for any flower arranging! Make sure you place all cards and posies on a protective surface to safeguard furniture against spills.

Flowerbottles & Letterbox Stems

If you want to send a statement floral gift to your loved one, then nothing could be simpler than sending one of our Flower Bottles. Our Flowerbottles come in different shapes and sizes protectively packed with a generous array of fresh flowers wrapped in wax paper, with wet stems for freshness. You may even find that once you have styled your selection you still have enough stems to fill another container too! Simply snip the ends then arrange flowers your own way adding fresh water to the bottle or jar.

Treat these as you would the others and indeed the Letterbox Flowers too, to ensure they stay in their prime that much longer.

What could be more lovely than receiving this carefully selected (and well protected!) Pastel Parade through your letterbox? Shipped in bud with protective netting on the heads with roses in phials for added protection. All you have to do is trim the stems and arrange in a fresh water filled vase with the flower food provided, then sit back and enjoy!

Letterbox Easels also fit through the letterbox. To last for longer keep out of heat and sunshine. These mini arrangements are also rather sweet to dry or press to ensure your blooms can be treasured forever. You could even re-gift by making your own card or print for extra thoughtfulness.