May 24, 2018

The Top Five Flowers To Boost Your Wellbeing

There is no more beautiful sight than a garden full of flowers. As the RHS Chelsea Flower Show kicks off this week, you will see plenty of beautiful arrangements with all different themes and styles. But did you know, not only are they stunning to look at, but a lot of flowers also have strong physical and mental healing properties, with some uses dating back thousands of years? We have chosen our top five therapeutic blooms – see below for the benefits they can add to your well-being:

The gorgeous purple buds of lavender are a welcome sight outside any front door, not to mention that fantastic fragrance being the perfect choice to greet guests. Lavender is, in fact, a fantastic remedy for stress and anxiety. Try picking some fresh from the garden and pop it under your pillow or next to your bed for a calming night’s sleep. You can also buy lavender oil from your local pharmacy to rub on your wrists for a relaxing scent all day long. Lavender is also believed to be an antiseptic, so is a great choice for rubbing on your skin!

Chamomile has a remarkable list of health benefits, from reducing stress to soothing an aching stomach. You can buy chamomile tea from any local shop or supermarket and it will help with a range of ailments. It is also said to have anti-aging properties – magic eh? We like a nice warming cup before bed each night, to help with digestion and ensure a calm night’s sleep.

As well as being one of Britain’s favourite flowers, the rose has fantastic healing properties. You can buy as rose water, rose extract or rose oil and is supposed to help with treating coughs and colds. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is very high in vitamin C, so great when you’re feeling a little bit down. Of course, in this case, a bunch of roses from your loved one can also do the trick - check out our range of bouquets here.

Peonies are amazing flowers. As well as being one of the most beautiful flowers out there, their healing benefits are also expansive and have been relied upon for a long time -- the name of the flower comes from the Greek God Paean, the god of healing. These blooms are ideal for all the women out there who experience pain or discomfort once a month. The anti-inflammatory properties will be sure to make life a little easier, but just remember not to ever offer it to your pets -- peonies are known to be poisonous for cats and dogs.

Succulents may not be flowers in the traditional sense, but are very popular as house plants at the moment. The most common choice is aloe vera, of which the health benefits are well documented. We like to use it for soothing sunburn, and it is perfect when you need a quick fix on a hot day. Remember to always wear sun cream, aloe vera should only be an emergency solution! This amazing plant can also be used to aid digestion and to moisturise, so it really is handy to have around the house!