Jan 30, 2017

The Power of Flowers: Floral & Herbal Healing

As we embark on 2017, we’re surrounded by tips and hints on how to get the most from the new year. Are you planning a new you with a healthier diet and regular exercise? Or how about a new look at home with a lick of paint and a makeover?

Thankfully, here at Flowercard, well-being and mindfulness are part of everyday for us. Working with fresh flowers and living plants helps us give greater priority to being ‘present’ as we try to seek out arrangements and designs that put spiritual welfare higher up the list. Flowers and foliage play a big part in how our customers feel, often providing a useful pick-me-up booster with their beauty alone, and if chosen carefully, their healing properties and aromatic freshness too.

Rosemary is one such herb. A wonderful, evergreen shrub often used in cooking to flavour foods and more recently becoming popular in flower arranging. Fresh springs add lasting scent and texture with robust structure to an arrangement.

Lavender is another culinary, flowering herb, long valued for its soothing properties. Fresh or dried, the essential oils are much prized in the health and beauty industry where it is used for tranquility, calm and assisting in restful sleep so beyond perfect for a get well greeting or simple ‘thinking of you’ greeting to show you care.