Jan 20, 2017

The Best Flowers to Send Through the Letterbox

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch service to all our loyal customers, by sending floral gifts direct to their loved ones’ doors, or into hospital so you can be safe in the knowledge your thoughts and kindness is being sent exactly where it needs to be.

As we grow and expand our ever-blooming range of Flowercards, Letterbox Flowers, Bouquets, and Trugs and Planters it seems the new idea of sending flowers through the letterbox is reaching ex-pats far and wide.

This week alone, we’ve had caring requests online coming through to our orders team from the exotic lands of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

As the world gets smaller, most people have a friend, acquaintance or relative who has upped sticks and set up a new life overseas. Special times of year like Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day can be difficult for those ex-pats, living far away, wanting to send a special gift. Such large distances between themselves and their nearest and dearest, make it hard to choose right and know who to trust.

Here at Flowercard, all our fresh, hand arranged Flowercard designs can be ordered from overseas and sent to addresses across the UK. What’s more, several of our newest products have now been designed as Letterbox Flowers, meaning no one needs to be in when their thoughtful gift arrives! Ideal when you’re unsure about the hours when someone is at home.

Whether you’re sending love from London to Londonderry, or birthday greetings from Switzerland to your favourite aunty in Liverpool, we have it covered and you can trust us, the original Flowercard, to deliver the best flowers abroad, direct through their letterbox.

For more information on where we despatch and what delivery services we offer, give our friendly team a ring on 08444824422, or +44844824422 if calling from outside the UK.

With international flower delivery, we offer a little treat from you in a foreign land to narrow that distance between you and your loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries and special times of year.

Love, Flowercard x

"Since moving to Pretoria 4 years ago Flowercard.co.uk has always been my "go to" for all gifts for family & friends still based in the UK. I always get brilliant feedback and when I get sent photos of the arrangements, they look amazing!" Janine Rosen