Sep 20, 2016

Q & A with Lisa Stickley

Lisa Stickley for Flowercard is an unique collection available exclusively online featuring her illustrative prints. We recently caught up with Lisa over a cuppa to find out a little more about her life, inspirations and her lovely new collection for us.

Q How would you define “Lisa Stickley”?

A I’d say I am a designer, author and illustrator. I started out designing 15 or 16 years ago and still love doing that sort of work. Having children, myself, I wanted a change of direction that was autonomous and family-friendly so at the Molly Makes Awards last summer I had a lovely chat with Pavilion Books and they really liked my ideas. The first book called “Handstand”, based around my eldest daughter and the characters she meets, was recently published. It’s lots of fun and there’s a new one to follow in Spring.

Q When did you first hear about Flowercard?

A friend who works in PR introduced me to Flowercard a few years ago and my mum had already bought a few.

When I saw my own samples, they were so lovely, the flowers worked really well with my designs and I was so pleased how well they lasted.

Q Tell us a bit about the designs featured in our Lisa Stickley collection.

A The black and white is ‘Round Collar’, the mustard is ‘Crab Apple’ and the olive green painterly print is ‘Bloom’. Each offers something slightly different, enhances the flowers, and like a lot of my work, they’re modern prints with a touch of retro.

Q Who do you see your Flowercards being sent to?

A I think they’re a little more contemporary so definitely suit a younger person or someone young at heart. The black and white (my signature print), makes a bold statement in Raspberry Ripple so that's the sort I’d love to receive myself.

Q What inspires you most in life?

A My brain never shuts up. When you’re creative, I don’t think it ever does! I’m always thinking where to put a plant next to a painting or how I can switch up my home décor style. I’ve a collection of bashed up suitcases full of stationery and cards collected over years. I often sketch on vintage paper and love a bit of blackboard, a unique feature of my Flowercard collection, and an element that often pops up in my work.

I love to browse around interesting cafes, supermarkets abroad, galleries and New York flea markets. Plus a good book shop always gets creative juices flowing.

Q What are the best bits about working with Flowercard?

A The process has been so nice to use some of my prints and combine them with flowers (which I love). As a textile designer, I know almost 80% of designs are floral, so blending designs with the original and natural source is great. Delicate mini bouquets against my graphic prints is an appealing juxtaposition and a bit different to send as an unusual gift.

Q What flowers and plants features most in your life?

I have lots of plants and foliage at home. I’m very fond of rubber plants and like house plants in general. I also love anemone, ranunculus, peonies and chrysanthemum – like the bold raspberry chrysanths featured in several of my designs like Raspberry Ripple.

Q What is the best message you ever received in or on a card?

A It would definitely be something from my husband. He often makes me cry when he writes something about me being an amazing mother. I’d done in.

Q Who would you most like to send a Flowercard to and why?

A My husband, of course, just for being him. Then Freddie Mercury, if he were still alive to thank him for his uplifting music and amazing voice. My daughter and I love dancing around the kitchen to Queen. Doesn’t everyone?

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