Nov 11, 2016

Q&A with Benjamina of Indeco Flowers

Benjamina is an artist, interior designer, stylist and florist who has been working with our team to create beautiful new floral gifts. We had a quick skype chat with Benjamina early one morning, before she headed to the flower market, to discover what makes her creations unique.

Q. What made you want to work with Flowercard?

A. Hardly anyone sends a card or letter these days, so I thought it was a really lovely touch to send flowers with a personalised message. My little girl is the only person in our house who receives mail. She gets postcards from her grandad, so it really resonated with me that to send flowers with words was so meaningful compared to email or i-messages.

Q. Which is your favourite product in the new winter collection?

A. I love the trugs. Especially my arrangement with rich plum roses and black calla lilies. They feel so much more than a flower arrangement. They're like a tiny present and going to last a little longer. The colours are a great move on for Christmas too, from traditional festive red to on trend mulberry tones.

Q. What do you enjoy most about Christmas?

A. I love that it’s family time and really appreciate a full house. Having had my family aboard for so long, it was so lovely to spend Christmas last year with my sister.

Q. How do you dress your home in flowers/foliage for the festive season?

A. Every year I try to do something a little different. I like to be innovative, so last year we didn’t have a tree, instead I opted for white twigs decorated with tiny little white spheres like snowballs. Sometimes I like modern and contemporary, some years I prefer to keep it very traditional with red and green. My daughter loves to get involved in the preparations too, making a few decorations of her own.

Q. What are the best bits about working with Flowercard?

A. I love the people and their appetite for change and improvements to give customers more choice. I hosted a training session for the Personal Shopper team recently and everyone was so friendly, open to ideas, willing to try new plants like succulents and above all, learn more to help the customer. It's really so lovely to be involved.