Aug 14, 2017

‘Not more fruit!’ – alternative gifts for recovering patients

Hold the fruit, we’ve all been ill at one time or another and more often than not we just want to be comforted without having to fuss with peeling and chopping fruit. Sometimes all we need is a good dose of TLC to aid a speedy recovery; so when a loved one is ill we tend to think we should visit and cheer them up, right? Not so fast.

Visiting a sick person is not as simple as is seems but who honestly wants a face-to-face visit when they are feeling ill, tired, nauseous or even heavily medicated? A simple heartfelt call, warm wishes on a personalised get well card or gift may brighten your loved ones day and help them on the road to recovery quicker.

If you're not sure what your loved one would prefer, here are some alternative get well soon gifts that show you care.

Funny Movies or TV Shows 
If your friend will be home or hospital bound for a long time, entertainment presents go a long way. They say laughter is the best medicine.

Audiobooks  Sick eyes are often tired eyes so if your loved one isn't up to reading a book or watching a screen an audiobook may be the perfect option to help bust boredom. The gift of a good book, magazine or newspaper subscription also works for less tired eyes.

Comfort Food Deliver a meal, several pre-made meals that can be heated up as needed or order a takeaway and have it delivered but make sure to ask in advance if you can if there are any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Fresh Flowers A vase of brightly coloured, fresh flowers are another proven way to brighten up anyone's day plus studies have shown they can eliminate harmful pollutants that could otherwise cause headaches, coughs, colds, allergies and fatigue. Don’t forget to consider dried or silk flowers for a longer lasting effect.

Offer Help Offer to do an errand - pick up groceries, do laundry, take care of pets, babysit or help by sending a housekeeper to clean up their place.

Make a date Send a personalized get well card with an invite to a lunch date or day out when they get better and send them a small token related to the date like a piece of chocolate cake from somewhere you will take them for lunch. Why not also include old photos of the two of you together.

Spending a few extra minutes on a thoughtful gift could make a recovering patient who can’t take visitors, laugh so the next time you think to send a basket of fruit, please think again.