Feb 18, 2015

mother's day traditions made easy

Falling on the 4th Sunday in lent (this year, 15th March 2015) the origins of Mothering Sunday go back several hundred years.

During the sixteenth century it was thought important that people return to their Mother Church on this particular Sunday for a special service to honour the Virgin Mary. They would travel to their large local church, or most likely the nearest cathedral. Anyone who did this was said to have gone "a mothering".

By Victorian times, this tradition had become a day off for domestic servants to visit their Mother Church, and in turn go home to see their friends and families. For the most part, this would mean girls working as maids (sometimes as young as 10) could return home to see their families after months of separation.

Today this tradition focuses on honouring our mothers, and we put time aside to visit them, telephone and send a card with a gift, usually a bouquet of flowers.

And of course Flowercard is delighted to keep the tradition going, because as you may know, we specialise in sending fresh flowers and a card in one, with a personal message printed on it too!

This year, we will have added a huge array of beautiful cards in new shapes with mini bouquets inside to our Mother's Day personalised gift selection.