Jun 02, 2020

The World’s Most Instagrammed House Plants [2020]

Who doesn’t love a little touch of greenery in their home to brighten things up? Whether you’re quite the green fingers or not, house plants are a popular way to beautify your home, and what do we do with beautiful things? We Instagram them.

Our fresh flower delivery specialists wanted to know which house plants people are Instagramming the most, so we did a little research to find out which are the world’s most Instagrammed house plants.

The World’s Most Instagrammed House Plants:

  1. Swiss Cheese Plant - 452,520 posts
  2. Fiddle Leaf Fig - 287,193 posts
  3. Chinese Money Plant - 202,391 posts
  4. Snake Plant - 182,675 posts
  5. Money Tree - 145,528 posts
  6. String of Pearls - 141,249 posts
  7. Spider Plant - 136,357 posts
  8. String of Hearts - 120,459 posts
  9. Jade Plant - 109,992 posts
  10. Peace Lily - 102,218 posts


We used an extensive list of house plants from Hortology.co.uk where we got the botanical and common names for these plants. Using this list, we then searched for Instagram hashtags, using both names and taking a total number of posts across both names, giving us our ranking.