Nov 20, 2017

Making your own Festive Wreath


You can buy wreath frames that are ready to start decorating, or use something that you already have. While the word “wreath” actually means to twist (as in, to make a circle) that doesn't mean that you have to stick to the form. What about using an old picture frame, or one embroidery hoop inside another for a two or three-layered effect, or bending some willow or young bamboo into a shape that you'd like to work with.

How you can decorate your wreath will depend on what base you have chosen to use. It might involve a needle and thread, pins, fine wire and wire cutters, and some strong glue - so make sure that you've got everything that you'll need before getting stuck in.

Decorating your wreath

There are so many ways to decorate your wreath it's really up to your imagination! You could make a simple but classic statement with ivy and silver beads dusted with snow-spray; or go for full-on fun with Father Christmas on a sleigh followed by his reindeer and lots of presents tumbling all the way around the wreath.

You can mix up lots of elements or stick to just one or two for a different impact. Bind clusters of foliage together with fine wire and secure to the wreath base either by slotting the bundle in, or by securing with a needle and thread. Repeat around the wreath, interspersing your design with other decorations of your choice. You can cover it all the way around or experiment with varying depths.

Adding spray painted dried foliage can make it feel extra festive, especially when intertwined with ribbons, candy canes, battery operated lights, and glitter sprinkles. A trip to your local craft shop will also offer lots of inspiration and give you ideas for how to add some colour and sparkle.

Want it even easier? Cheat!

Dig out last year's wreath and give it an upgrade. Take out some or all of the foliage and re-sprig it with festive foliage, or wrap some brightly coloured ribbon around the frame to give it a new background. Add some fresh pine, silver baubles, tiny LED lights, and mini pine cones and you'll have an enviable front door decoration!