Dec 11, 2017

Let Us Write Your Christmas Messages For You!

No matter how organised we try to be in the run-up to the Christmas period, there’s just something about the frantic energy of bustling shops, work Christmas parties, people to see and to-do lists that seem to get longer by the day that inevitably takes its toll and drains the energy. Brains can end up more than a little befuddled at this time of year as well. There’s just too much going on!

With this is in mind, we’ve created a very nifty little tool to help you with at least one of the tasks on the to-do list. It’s a Christmas message generator and with one click it will come with up with a suggested message that you can add to your Christmas cards to save you having to think of something new to say for each one.

We’ve created a range of messages to suit all types of personalities, some humorous, others more heartfelt, but all filled with lots of love. If you’re not sure that the one you get on the first click is quite right for the person you’re sending it to, then all you have to do is click again and you’ll get a different message. Just keep going until all your Christmas cards are written.

We suggest sitting yourself down with some Christmas music playing, a festive cookie or a mince pie or two and making the Christmas card writing task a relaxing and enjoyable one that allows you to reflect on the relationships you have with all the wonderful people in your life. Doing this little job in a more mindful way takes the ‘chore’ element out of it and can be a really lovely way of getting into the festive spirit.