May 10, 2018

How To Get Your Wedding Flowers Just Right

A few weeks ago, everyone’s favourite royal couple-to-be Harry and Meghan selected their wedding florist, and we can’t wait to see what Philippa Craddock designs for their special day. Here are our hints and tips on the crucial flowers for your wedding and how to get them just right!

Buttonholes may be small but can pack a real punch if you pick the right flowers. What kind of wedding look are you going for - small and elegant or bold and impressive? Our suggestion; size isn’t what’s important here. The best way to style the buttonholes is coordination - what colour are the bridesmaids wearing? What flowers is the bride carrying? Matching up these elements will tie the whole wedding together perfectly, and the ceremony will be even more beautiful to watch. Now, the groom may say he doesn’t care about the flowers but it might be worth investigating a little further. Everyone has a favourite flower, so why not try and incorporate your groom’s into the floral scheme? After all - the wedding should be about both of you!

A perfect bouquet is imperative for the bride - the right colours and size will finish the dream dress off perfectly. Our favourite flower du jour is the hydrangea - they don’t last very well but add some luxury and colour to a beautiful bouquet. Just remember that whatever flowers you’re carrying need to be a throwable size!

Wherever your ceremony is, the right flowers can increase the romance tenfold. If it is a church wedding, floral pew ends can be lovely for the bride to walk amongst - delicate sprays of country flowers can be the perfect adage to a rustic wedding. If you’re choosing to wed outside, our favourite scene is a flower arch. Being enclosed by sweet smelling blooms will make it a day to remember, and the photos will look stunning. Just remember to use flowers with longevity for the ceremony, they will probably be set up the night before!

The wedding breakfast is another opportunity to add some real impact with your flowers - when guests walk into the venue, you want gasps of amazement all round. The colour scheme is still important here, so don’t go bonkers, but you can afford to be a little bolder with the types of flowers here - they don’t need to be squeezed into a bouquet or through a buttonhole and have the added bonus of being able to sit in water, so don’t need to be as hardy. We like tall vases to give some height to the table, and orchids to give a hint of luxury. A nice touch - if you’re feeling generous - is to offer them as gifts to certain guests at the end of the night. A fun way to round off the meal is to surprise a random selection of friends and family. Maybe pop little stickers on the name cards of the winners?

Flowers in the guest’s place settings are certainly optional but can be a really nice touch to the tables. As well as your wedding favours, a small collection of lavender stems or a single rose can add a real hit of luxury to your tables, and will make the room smell divine! Try and coordinate here with the buttonholes - it adds to the romance of the occasion and makes every guest feel included in your special day.