Jun 11, 2021

Garden Renovations

For those of us that are lucky enough to have big outdoor areas at home, the lockdowns of the last year or so have given us the perfect opportunity to revamp our gardens and carry out all those renovations that we’ve always dreamed of.

From large scale landscaping and planting new flowers to simply investing in a new set of garden furniture, there are all kinds of ways to inject new life into your garden.

But which do we love the most? To find out, we’ve analysed which garden projects have been Googled the most times in the last twelve months, both here in the UK and across the world!

The UK’s favourite garden renovations

1. Fire pits - 4.8 million searches The biggest garden craze of the last twelve months in the UK has undoubtedly been the fire pit, with just under 4.8 million searches in the last year. As meeting up indoors has been off the table for so much of the last year, we’ve all been looking for ways to stay warm outdoors as long as possible, especially in the winter months, and there’s no better way than with an open fire!

2. Summer house - 3 million searches In second place in the UK, with three million searches, is the summer house. Summer houses are a perfect outdoor retreat where you can relax on a sunny day and can serve multiple purposes, whether you want an outdoor studio space, a garden work-from-home office, or just somewhere to chill out that provides shade from the heat for a while.

3. Pergola - 2.4 million searches Better known to some as patio roofs, pergolas are the perfect blend of decoration and function, providing shelter from the sun, rain and wind while also providing support for climbing plants. Available as both free standing or attached to another structure, they racked up 2.4 million searches in the UK the last year.

The world’s favourite garden renovations

1. Pergola - 18.9 million searches While it only took third place in the UK, the pergola was actually the most loved garden renovation when we look globally, with just under 19 million searches in the last year! Not only do they offer great shade from the sun and make for a stunning focal point in your garden, perhaps the challenge of building one has proved to be a popular lockdown project for those stuck at home.

2. Landscaping - 14.8 million searches For those looking to really change things up in the garden, there were just under 15 million searches for landscaping around the world in the last year. Whether planting new blooms or changing the entire layout of your space, landscaping has clearly been on the agenda for many.

3. Fire pit - 13.8 million searches While fire pits were the most popular garden renovation in the UK, they only took third place worldwide, with 13.8 million searches. With longer days and brighter weather, perhaps the rest of the world aren’t as reliant on artificial heat to keep the outdoor parties going into the night!


We took the number of annual searches made both in the UK and globally in the last twelve months (May 2020 to April 2021) according to Google Ads Keyword Planner.