Nov 15, 2016

Fresh Mistletoe by Post

Magical, mythical, legendary. Along with its sharp dressed pal Holly, Mistletoe is arguably the most famous of green foliage associated with Christmas.

Where does it come from? How does it grow? And what will a beautiful plump bunch bring you in good fortune this year?

The species most widely known is European white-berried mistletoe, viscum album, harvested from host trees like the apple and bought at special festive markets by florists for use in their festive decorations.

Most of us know it for the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe which is thought to stem from the plant’s origins in winter pagan festivals and most likely because it was considered to be symbol of fertility.

Mistletoe is best hung for a little festive cheer and sprayed with water every few days to maintain its healthy appearance and prevent the berries from dropping. Sticky berries can cause damage to furniture and it has poisonous properties so every care must be taken to ensure it is not eaten by people or pets.

For those who love traditional mistletoe, the most magical of Christmas foliage we have several designs that feature its pretty leaves and berries that you might enjoy.

Mistletoe & Holly is a lovely card featuring white lisianthus and silver foliage. Mistletoe Time blends the beauty of the freshest, blousiest tea roses, grown at altitude for the most long lasting bloom.

Mistletoe can also be sent in stems of six, perfect to hand tie with ribbon from the ceiling or oak beams as a gift for luck or posterity. This tradition also makes it the most lovely centrepiece for New Year’s celebrations and parties.

This year for the very first time we’re offering Letterbox Mistletoe with a choice of 3 lovely label designs, Mistletoe Berries, Christmas Kisses and Christmas Traditions so you can send a bunch of love and kisses to your nearest and dearest. And they don’t even have to be home as the postman can pop them through the letterbox.

Fresh bunches of letterbox Misteltoe can be ordered at any time will be delivered from 12th December to 23rd only to ensure it arrives with maximum freshness.