Oct 30, 2017

Five Spooky Treats To Make With The Kids For Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time for the kids, especially when they’re little – an excuse to get the dressing up box out, indulge in a little make-believe and enjoy some spooky treats. If you’d rather their treats were not of the sugar-loaded shop bought variety then check out these quick and easy homemade options, which you can make together for the Halloween party.

Bat shaped cookies are just perfect for an after school snack or party treat. We found this great recipe from Ocado for delicious spiced biscuits, which we think would be perfect. Now all you need is a bat-shaped cookie cutter and you’re good to go. Why not experiment with some different toppings like melted chocolate to add to the fun.

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without toffee apples, and they are still hugely popular and a (vaguely) healthy treat for the kids! We recommend small juicy red apples as the toffee coating perfectly complements the natural sweetness of red apples but if your preference is for a good old Granny Smith, a green apple works just as well. Here’s a tasty golden syrup based recipe, which makes a really delicious toffee coating. Don’t forget to get full prepped and get your sticks or skewers in advance.

Traditionally, we haven’t been as big on treats like pumpkin pie as our friends in the US, however, don’t be afraid to give this wonderful fruit/veg (depending on your perspective) a go. Something simple like spiced pumpkin muffins is a great introduction to cooking with pumpkin and the perfect way to make use of the flesh once you’ve carved your spooky face. This recipe is super quick and easy and includes delicious cream cheese filling. Yum!

A spooky take on the traditional rice krispie treat, by adding a little green food colouring you can have so much fun creating rice krispie monsters with the little ones. Here’s a fantastic recipe for Frankenstein's monster rice krispie treats which they’re bound to love at the party. You can either buy the little eyes in packets or make your own with some pre-made icing in a tube, available at most of the big supermarkets in the baking aisle.

Staying with the (vaguely) healthy theme, little white chocolate dipped strawberry ghosts make a very sweet - in more ways than one! – addition to the Halloween party platter. The bigger the strawberries the better as they are less fiddly and you’ll have more room to paint on the little faces. Again, tubes of pre-made icing will be perfect for adding the features and the kids are sure to have lots of fun making and eating these juicy, spooky treats.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!