Dec 01, 2016

Extra thoughtful ways to say Happy Birthday

Birthdays are great. It doesn't matter what age you’ve reached, there’s something about a day celebrating “you” that leaves a warm glow and smile on any face.

From grand, elaborate gestures to the simplest words, there are infinite ways to send your happy returns. A quick sweep around Flowercard HQ revealed some wonderful, extra thoughtful ways to say Happy Birthday. From those that brandish a huge birthday badge and keep every card as a sentimental keepsake, to the ones who keep mum about the date and get though with minimal fuss, it is clear that the smallest of personal gestures can have the maximum of effects.

Birthday Surprise:

Spontaneity doesn't have to cost a lot; sometimes it’s the sweetest acts that touch the heart the most. Why not organise a group of close friends to make a quick and tasty dish, grab an old blanket and surprise the birthday girl or boy with an impromptu surprise picnic at his / her favourite park after work? Weather not complying? Light some candles to create a cosy atmosphere, throw a checked picnic blanket on the floor and bring the outside in, crossed legged on the living room floor!

Beau Crafty:

Remember as a youngster when every parent’s birthday or Christmas was celebrated with a unique, handcrafted creation, painstakingly made by little fingers? This sweet touch needn’t be forgotten as the years roll on. Be it a mix tape of their favourite tunes, a little framed picture that matches the colour palette of their home, or a hand selected hamper of goodies they’ll love; a sentimental gift is something they’ll always remember. Thinking outside the box allows you to tailor your gift to their exact tastes and styles, often saving money and creating a great talking point. As a bonus, you can have fun showing off your creative flair in the process.

Pretty Ramblings:

Be it a reminiscing description of an old memory to a simple birthday poem wishing them a lovely day, in a technological world where words have become throwaway, there is something heartwarming about putting pen to paper. The simply process of writing by hand lets you connect with your words and gives that personalised touch that’s so sadly missed with a birthday text or email. Even better, a message in a pretty card, notelet or even something torn from a magazine or paper can be squirreled away forever, creating a timeless keepsake.


Flowers through the door are a longstanding tradition, adored by all as the perfect celebratory gift for a special birthday. Yet here at Flowercard we also value that personal touch. That is why we pride ourselves on carefully printing your own loving words on to all our cards, labels and tags to create the perfect unique gift of a miniature fresh flower arrangement beautifully set in an exquisite birthday card with your own special message.

Many of our products also feature our signature keepsake element, from the pistachio green and Cotswold cream cadies found in our Gift Plants and Flowertins (perfect for storing souvenirs from the day) to our gorgeous Trugs and Planters that can be reused for floral displays for years to come – they all act as a constant reminder of a lovely gift, your words proudly displayed for all to see.

For an extra special touch, we have recently introduced a collection of preprinted designs, so you can tailor your creation perfectly to the lucky recipient. For a milestone birthday, choose from our range of age-specific designs, or how about our new poetry collection? Our poetic words of wisdom add a little extra sentiment to your own greeting to show how much they mean to you with bouquets, chocolates and teacups. Each features carefully selected prose (some classic, some created by our talented writing team) in attractive typography with complementary card design for the perfect birthday cards for men and women.

Every stage of our product development through to production and taking orders is done with you in mind. You trust us to deliver a heartfelt gift to your loved friends and family, and we are duty bound to do so with care and attention to ensure each Flowercard and Bouquet is delivered with love.

The effort of sending a small card and gift is so simple, yet makes the big day even more special for the birthday boy or girl, letting them know friends and family are thinking of them even if they can't be there in person!

Handmade personalised birthday cards with a difference, at Flowercard.