Aug 27, 2020

The Most Popular Celebrity Weddings

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Well, we certainly do, so when the world’s biggest stars get together and celebrate the most important day of their lives, we can’t help but scour the internet for all the juicy details and the all-important pictures of the dress, wedding gifts, and decorations.

We wanted to find out which celebrity and royal weddings were the most popular, so we took a look at which celeb weddings and wedding dresses got the internet talking.

The Most Popular Celebrity Weddings

  • 1. Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner - 44,000 global monthly searches
  • 2. Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin - 40,000 global monthly searches
  • 3. Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney - 31,000 global monthly searches

The Most Talked-About Celebrity Wedding Dresses

  • Meghan Markle - 22,000 global monthly searches
  • Kate Middleton - 16,000 global monthly searches
  • Sophie Turner - 8,800 global monthly searches


We used a number of lists of the biggest celebrity and royal weddings to compile our original list, including the following:

  • Wonderwall
  • Allure
  • Vogue
  • Insider
  • Town and Country Magazine

We then used these weddings and couples to find which ones get the most global monthly searches, using ahefs to provide the data for the search terms related to each couple, their wedding and the wedding dress.