Jul 25, 2018

Celebrating The Great British Outdoors!

Our head designer, Kellie, has been hard at work in her flower kitchen creating some gorgeous new floral gifts for the summer. This time, we are celebrating all things great about the British outdoors, with designs featuring the seaside, woodland creature, beautiful butterflies and, of course, man’s best friend. These cards feature all your favourite flowers and honour the classic Flowercard - just with a summery twist! Best enjoyed with an ice cream in hand...

What better picture to have in your home than that of the great British seaside. We all have our own memories; sandcastles and ice creams, or donkey rides and ferris wheels - the beach is always a happy place. Our favourite card features rows of multi-coloured beach huts - you can’t get a more nostalgic image than that! How better to remind a friend or family member of happy times by sending them a momento in card form, complete with orchids and seaweed-style foliage. Better yet, let these classic cards inspire you, and use them to invite your special someone for a weekend break. You can’t get more romantic than whisking someone off for a spontaneous staycation!

Our cards covered in cute little mutts come in a variety of sizes and shapes and display all different breeds of dogs - perfect for the dog lover in your life. We’re particularly partial to the little spaniel, but we’re a bit biased -- our resident Flowercard office pup is a sprocker spaniel! You can get these pedigree gifts with a variety of blooms including gypsophilia, carnations and lisianthus in gorgeous whites and greens. These cards can be used for any occasion, but we think those cute little faces will be the perfect way to brighten up any patient’s day. Our furry friends are always the best choice to say ‘get well soon!’

The Great British Wildlife cards feature a chorus of classic wild animals local to the British Isles, and what better celebration of the great outdoors? The little otters are particularly cheeky, and who can resist a cute little hedgehog - the ideal choice for the nature lovers amongst you. Featuring sprays of pink carnations and peach germini set on white or blue backgrounds, how better to say ‘thank you’ to your grandparents for being such wonderful influences. That’s just our suggestion of course, these cuties are perfect for any occasion.

We, at Flowercard, are very fond of all things butterfly. You can add on little craft butterflies to any gift in our collection, and these new cards really are a celebration of these winged beauties. Listing all different varieties of these country garden natives, you could be looking at a Damien Hirst masterpiece. Featuring either a dark green or pale background, these delicate gifts offer you a selection of white freesias and lavender or pink roses and cute, button santini - options to suit any taste! Our favourite: Silver Summer. Dried lavender and blue eryngium framed by a pale blue background makes for a truly special gift.