Jan 13, 2017

Celebrating Books & Flowers

Here at Flowercard we are proud to boast a variety of different artistic styles, giving our loyal customers plenty of choice and allowing them to find the perfect personalised treat for their friends and family.

We are particularly excited to feature many prominent female artists as part of our collection, flying the flag for great women designers with the likes of the talented Lou Boyles profiled here in an earlier blog post.

As avid readers of flower books and journals at Flowercard HQ we're all huge admirers of botanical illustrations; the art of depicting the form, colour, and details of plant species often depicted through watercolour painting. It would seem that some of the most outstanding botanical illustrators throughout history were often women.

Accurately depicting the beauty of nature with strong stylisation and a distinctly vintage feel, from around 1800 female artists began to excel in this area, giving us countless books to be loved and cherished by generations of flower enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

We found this fascinating article online profiling two women botanical artists and providing some fascinating insights into the history of the subject and the media and styles used,"Different media and techniques utilized by artists over the centuries contributed to the genre of botanical painting. The woodcut was used in the sixteenth century by authors of the first botanical books; by the seventeenth century, the copper engraving technique, used by Merian, revolutionised the art of printing, while hand-tinting and body colour enhanced the beauty and realism of botanical illustrations."

Our intention has always been to combine the beauty of nature with the wonder of the written word. It feels wonderful to be part of that rich tradition. So why not go one step further and gift something truly personal to loved friends and family; if you're sending a special book why not send one of our personalised floral gifts to bring that joy to life?

Image Sources: Botanical image files come from Wellcome Images, a website operated by Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation based in the United Kingdom.


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