Oct 21, 2019

The British Gin Map

Gin has always been a firm favourite for us Brits, whether it’s a martini, negroni or a classic gin and tonic, we love gin. This passion for the spirit only seems to be growing, with distilleries popping up all over the country to meet demand.

We’ve taken a look at the gin distilleries around the UK to present a gin lover’s map, so you can find your closest distillery and maybe even take a tour.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, London comes out on top with 22 distilleries. However, the next areas on the list may surprise you - Aberdeenshire and Devon have six a-piece. When we look by region, Scotland comes out on top with 51 breweries, followed by the South West with 29.


We used the following websites to create our master list of distilleries:

https://makeitbritish.co.uk/top-ten/british-gin-brands https://www.cntraveller.com/gallery/gin-distilleries-uk https://www.theginguild.com/interactive-gin-distilleries-map

With this list, we then researched the companies to find information about the year they were established and whether they are open to the public. Most of this information came from the companies' own websites, but where this information was not available or unclear, we also used data from Companies House.

We chose not to include distilleries that didn’t have full data available as well as brands or distributors who do not have a distillery.